Severed Hand- Level One

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1 - Arrival

As soon as you enter you will watch a scene of Zigma talking with her guards about your party. Immediately upon ending her conversation and spotting you she will order them to attack. This is an easy battle, but there are a few of them. Spread your party out, if needed. You do not have to worry about unexpected enemies. Do not attack the Glabrezu Demon at this time, he is invulnerable.

2 - Jerre Stoh

Talk with the Slave Foreman, Jerre Stoh. He asks that you help set the slaves free. The Glabrezu Demon is preventing their freedom and is invulnerable at this time. You will not be able to kill the Glabrezu Demon until you have destroyed the Globe of Essence. Talk with the Glabrezu Demon for an experience reward.

3 - Ysha

You will find Ysha in this room. She is frightened because she has gotten the construction plans wrong. Talk with her about altering the plans so she does not get in trouble. She will give you the construction plans. You will need to hold onto them until you meet Kav Lathram on Level Two. After he has altered the plans you should return them to Ysha.

4 - Xavier Torsend

This room is occupied by Xavier Torsend, Minister of Affairs. Convince him to give you a Delegate's Pass. This will allow you to venture the Severed Hand without being attacked by the Guards. You will also learn of the imprisoned Priest of Ilmater, Toral Sorn. You may be able to convince Xavier Torsend to resign his post by informing him that the workers are enslaved.

5 - Food Thief

Speak with Vashti Zerran about food that has come up missing. You will be asked to speak with the cook, Miram. Miram is in the kitchens on Level Four. Miram will not give you any information or ration out more food. Return to Vashti and you will be asked to hide in the scaffold shadows while she hands out the rations to catch the thief. Soon you will see Zaem, a lizard creature, stealing the food.

6 - Zaem

This is where you will find Zaem after watching him steal the food. Convince him to not steal anymore. Promise to help him find another way to satisfy his hunger. you will find a Ring of Nourishment on Level Two that you will need to return to him to finish this quest.

7 - Exit to Level Two

These are the exits to Level Two.