Severed Hand - War Tower

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1 - Floor 1

Upon entering this floor you will be attacked by 2 Half-Goblin Elites and 3 Elite Neo-Orogs. You will find a key on the table that unlocks the cell doors. There is also a dead cat that you can use later against Yquog. The cell to the east contains Toral Sorn, an Ilmater Priest. Speak with him and he will tell you of a ritual you need to perform at the Ilmater statue in the Cleric Tower in order to defeat the Globe of Essence. You will need:
  • Tome of Ilmater - Wizard Tower Floor 3
  • Toral Bonds of Suffering - War Tower Floor 3
  • Ilmater Holy Symbol - Level 3 Xvim Slayer Knights
  • Tears of Suffering - Level 1 Jerre Stoh
Return to Toral Sorn after you have completed the ritual and cleansed the Radiant Pool.

In the cell to the north you will find Ormis Dohor. He has been transformed and requires an antidote. You will find the Monk's Antidote in Cleric Tower Floor 4. Return the antidote to Ormis and he will offer his assistance in the Final Battle.

As you open the cell door to the west you will be attacked by the Greater Feyr. After defeating it open the door and talk with Puddy Talltale. He was the delegate sent by Mayor Bryn Shander with the food containing the Elven Holy Water. He wishes to escape but is afraid he will not make it unless you can find him a safe route. Later when you speak with Orrick The Grey, in the Wizard Tower Floor 4, you can ask him about providing safe passage for Puddy. Return after speaking with Orrick and inform Puddy that Orrick will be assisting him.

2 - Floor 2

You will find the Severed Hand Torturer, Harcourt Rustblade, along with Pustule, Lemure Slaves, Spectral Lemure Slaves and Wight Lemure Slaves on this floor. After you speak with Harcourt Rustblade he will order them to attack. The Lemures are easily defeated with melee characters. Harcourt Rustblade and Pustule can take a lot of damage and will inflict significant damage. You will find Toral Bonds of Suffering and a female and male body that you can also use against Yquog later.

3 - Floor 3

This floor has a trapped door and 3 Xvim Slayer Knights, Obbak, Red Neo-Orog, and 2 Apocalyptic Boneguards. You do not have to engage them in battle; they will not attack. There is a locked hallway in the southwest corner that you will need to use later. The key to the gate is found on Pudu, Captain of the Guard, Officer Tower Floor 4.

4 - Floor 4

This floor you will not venture to until you have completed other quests. Before entering prepare your party for battle. After performing the Ilmater ritual and destroying the Globe of Essence Riki, Level 4, will ask you to intercept the arrival of the envoys from Cabal. You will need the key from Pudu, Officer Tower Floor 4, to reach this floor. When you reach this floor you will find T'rsosl Malign on the south side and Nalakora on the north. There will be Half-Dragons, Red Wizard and Xvim Slayer Knights. Focus on the Red Wizard, Nalakora and the Xvim Slayer Knights first, as they will do the most damage. Mass Haste and Mirror Image are good spells to use. Summon as many creatures as possible to assist with the battle. Before you head back down the stairs heal and rest your party. As you descend Buvai will appear and transport your party to Isair and Madae's Throne room on Level 2 for your Final Battle.