Severed Hand - Level Two

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1 - Arrival

You will enter Level Two here.

2 - Zaem's Diary

You will find Zaem's diary here in the Library. Read it to learn what he was working on.

3 - Cedrin Zil

Speak with Cedrin Zil about what you found in the diary and Zaem Astyr's death. He does not believe it was suicide. He suggests you speak with Jaebrilla and Kav Lathram. You will find Jaebrilla on Level Four. She says that Kav Lathram and Saablic Tan are the only ones that know what Zaem Astyr was working on.

4 - Kav Lathram

This is where you will find Kav Lathram rummaging through Zaem Astyr's study. First ask him about altering the construction plans for Ysha; then ask about Zaem Astyr and his work. You will find the Ring of Nourishment for Zaem and a Virulent Agent in this room. Keep the Ring of Nourishment and the Virulent Agent to use later. You can return the altered construction plans to Ysha on Level One.

5 - Vese Nejj

While speaking with Vese Nejj he will ask for your assistance with a problem. Orrick has guarded the Wizard Tower door against entry. He asks that you figure out how to enter the tower in exchange for membership into the Red Wizards Enclave.

6 - Roga Thulc

Roga Thulc asks for your help with a worker; Vyla Prehv. Roga had a wizard summon three Earth Elementals to assist with the construction. Shortly afterwards, Vyla Prehv began hearing voices and tools started disappearing. He asks that you find Vyla and speak with her.

7 - Vyla Prehv

This is where you will find Vyla Prehv with the three Earth Elementals. She is very troubled and does not understand your questions. Return to Roga Thulc, he will ask you to help her. He suggests asking a priest on Level Four.

8 - Demonic Constructs

As you approach you will hear Fynne asking for assistance. You will immediately be attacked by three Demonic Constructs. These are not difficult to defeat. After they are dead Fynne and Tasha, her student, will discuss the Demonic Constructs capabilities. They will ignore your presence and soon vanish.

9 - Globe of Essence Guards

You will not be able to disable the Globe of Essence at this time. Speak with Ruinlord Garuk and he will tell you to read his diary, from the Demonic Construct room. You can kill everyone in this room at this time or wait until later in the game. On his corpses you will find a Iyachtu Xvim Holy Symbols that you will need later.

10 - Dracein

Dracein is Saablic Tan's mistress. She will ask you to leave her chambers or be attacked by her Chimera, Precious. You do not have to confront her at this time, but if you choose to do so there will be several other Chimeras, invisible creatures and various mobs that will appear.

11 - Exit

Here is your exit to Level Three. Be prepared for a battle on this level.