Hrothgar's Glen

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1 - Arrival

This is where you will enter Hrothgar's Glen. Be prepared for battle upon entering. You will find many Wraiths, Black Archers and Wight Lords. Return to the Watchtower to heal, if needed, before entering Hiepherus' Lair.

2 - Hiepherus' Lair

Here is the entrance to Hiepherus' Lair. Inside you will encounter Hiepherus, Wraiths and Neo-Orog Marauders. While speaking with Hiepherus you can learn a lot of information about the area, Madae and Isair. Hiepherus will cast some powerful spells at your party; use spells that will prevent him from casting or summon creatures to attack him while taking out the other mobs.

After defeating Hiepherus and his followers you can now return to Jermsy and Nathaniel to inform them that they are dead. You can now proceed to Kuldahar after your party is healed and rested.