Holy Avenger

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1 - Lost Followers

This is an extremely difficult battle. As soon as you click on Khosa Ehlds grave you will be surrounded by the six Lost Followers. These are tough opponents.
  1. Veddion Kairne - Slashing damage works well.
  2. Inhein-Who-Was-Taken - She can summon numerous Apocalyptic Boneguards.
  3. Atalaclys - Can cast most Arcane spells. Easily defeated by melee attacks.
  4. Broken Khree - Immune to blunt damage, good Evasion, and high Spell Resistance. Piercing weapons are best.
  5. Kaervas Deaths Head - Immune to slashing, piercing, and fire damage. Magic damage works well.
  6. Jaiger - Excellent Bowmen. Use melee attack.
Your best course of action is to summon as many creatures as possible to assist in the battle. Use Entangle arrows to stop the Lost Followers from moving. Focus your melee characters on Inhein first to stop her from summoning more mobs, while they are fighting use your spell casters on Atalaclys and Kaervas. When Inhein is dead move your strongest melee fighter to take out Jaiger quickly. Spread the others out to defeat the rest of the Lost Followers. Your Paladin can pick up and use the Holy Avenger sword during the battle.

Return the Dragon's Eye and proceed through the mechanical door on Level Three.