Drider Lair

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1 - Arrival

You will encounter numerous Drider Priestesses, Fighters and Wizards throughout the Drider Lair. They aren't overly difficult, but they will call more from the surrounding area. You will also find many web traps.

2 - Ginafae

Here you will find Ginafae. She will give you information regarding the Driders. She can easily be talked into returning to Malavon.

3 - Blue Stone

You will have to defeat more Red and Blue Myconids before you reach the Blue Stone.

4 - Imphraili

Imphraili is who created the Viciscamera; which is what transforms the Drows into Driders. You will also see three creatures that she has in cages. She will not let you use her Laboratory. You will have to force her to fight you or simply attack her. As soon as you do the creatures in the cages will be released and they will attack. The Enhanced Flesh Golems will also attack. Imphraili isn't difficult to kill. The Cradoldrider can be difficult since upon death it explodes and released a bunch of Cradoldrider Spawn spiders. After defeating them all loot the lab for all of Imphraili's notes, books and reagents. There are several things that you can learn from the notes and books using a character with Alchemy.

1. Use the Vial of Spores and Vial of Silvery Fluid and click on the Laboratory table to create a poison to kill the Viciscamera.

2. You can convert Potions of Healing into Potions of Extra Healing.

3. If your character has Alchemy of at least 10 you can animate the Flesh Golems. Talk with the Flesh Golem and you will have an option of giving it one of the reagents. You must then cast a lighting spell upon it. It will then follow that character and fight for them.

4. With an Alchemy of at least 10 you can use the White Wyrm Eggs to create potions of Cold Resistance and Strength.

5 - Drider Pools

In this corner you will find a massive number of Driders. They will all attack simultaneously. This can be a difficult battle due to the large number. Approach only until you see the first one and try to lure it and any it brings along to you. Keep proceeding this way until they are all dead.

6 - Viciscamera

You will see numerous Drider cocoons in this area. They will hatch and the new Drider will attack. There will also be several Driders standing guard over them. You will have to proceed slowly through this area, killing them as you go, until you reach the Viciscamera. Throw the poison inside it while you are talking. It and the cocoons will be destroyed. You might be able to use a character with high Hiding skills to sneak to it and use the poison. If you were not able to make the poison you will have to fight the Viciscamera. When you attack all of the cocoons will hatch and every Drider in the lair will come attack. This can be a very difficult battle. The Viciscamera can take a lot of damage.

After ensuring that all of the Driders have been killed you can return to the previous map. If you did not kill Sorn and Nadal they will attack when you enter.

You can give the Blue Stone back to Oinchack'Olp or refuse. If you give it to him he will reward you with Mercy Killer's Belt. If you refuse he and his thralls will attack. Oinchack'Olp will use Dominate to control your party members and kill them. More thralls will appear that were invisible. Oinchack'Olp will disappear during the attack.

Speak with Malavon and inform him that the Viciscamera has been destroyed. He tells you that you must use the entrance to the Z'Hinda Citadel and that there is a Mind Flayer guarding it. Ask him about Ginafae and she will appear. Malavon has transformed her back into a Drow. She will reward you with House Despana Pifwafi and House of Despana Insignia.

You may also return to the merchants to sell and buy items. You can now anger them into attacking, if you wish.