Goblin Warrens Level 2

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1 - Arrival

Upon entering the area you will be attacked by Orc Archers, Orogs, an Orc Shaman, an Orc Witch Doctor and Pusmug. Again focus on the Shaman and Witch Doctor first, either kill or neutralize them before worrying about the Orcs and Orogs. Loot the camp. If your party needs to rest you can head back outside or may be able to rest in Level 1 by Pondmuk. Don't ask him, just rest by him.

2 - Tunnel

Down this tunnel you will find some Goblins, Bugbears and Half-Goblins. They are easily defeated. Pick the lock on the crates for ammunition and potions. Further down the tunnel you encounter an Orog Taskmaster, Orcs and Orogs. The Taskmaster will drop a Black Wardstone. You will need this further along.

3 - Yquog's Guards

Tell the guards the password that Yquog gave you; "Xvim" and move forward.

4 - Kruntur

Talk to Kruntur and he tells you that he is holding Yquog's message because he wants the magical bracers that Yquog got from his brother. Do not kill Kruntur or his Dekanter Goblins. I was attacked immediately when looting his camp. Return to Level 1 and tell Yquog what Kruntur wants. He will give you the magical bracers; Tamjans Bracers. Return the bracers to Kruntur. He says that he is finished with the war. Give the letter that Kruntur gives you to Yquog. You can now kill Yquog and his whelps if you wish. The small whelps aren't too difficult, but Yquog is tough. You may also return and kill Kruntur and his Goblins. Be prepared to be attacked by all of Kruntur's people at once.

5 - Orcs

Kill the sleeping Orcs and Orog. Do not let any of them escape or they will use a War Drum to summon Goblin Worg Riders.

6 - Enclosure

Outside of the enclosure you will find two Trolls and the War Drum. Destroy the drum and kill the trolls. Inside the enclosure are Otyughs, Fire Beetles and a Fire Beetle Queen. The Fire Beetles and Otyughs are pretty easy to kill from the outside. The Fire Beetle Queen can be more difficult. You may have to enter to kill her. Some of the Fire Beetles and another Otyugh may be unseen until you enter the enclosure. Inside you will find Sophia's Flight, a longbow.

7 - Door

Behind the door are Orcs, Goblin Sorcerer, Orc Shaman, and Ogres. Be aware that they may try to escape to a War Drum farther down the tunnel. Take out the Shaman and Sorcerer first. After the others are killed; destroy the War Drum.

8 - Animal Pen

Orcs are guarding the animal pen. They are killed easily. Further down you will find Gumph and some more Orcs. Gumph will drop the Iron Wardstone. You will need this later.

9 - Exit

This is the exit to the outside area of the Goblin Horde Fortress. You must have the Black and Iron Waredstone to pass through. Rest your party before entering.