Ice Temple Level One

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1 - Arrival

Just inside the entrance you will find a note on a corpse. The note is from Lord Brisbane about the Talisman being hired to find Nathaniel and return him to Kuldahar. Immediately after the note you will find Aurilite Postulants and an Ice Golem Champion who will attack. The Ice Golem Champion is only immune to piercing damage. Throughout the hallways and rooms you will encounter Barbarians, Aurilite Postulants, Ice Golems, Winter Wolves, Barbarian Shamans and Polar Bears.

2 - Winter Wolves

Inside this room are two Winter Wolves. They aren't too difficult. There is also some hidden loot. You will also find a hidden door. Through the door you will find more loot.

3 - Nathaniel

Talk with Nathaniel and he will tell you that he was trying to break down the Ice Barrier, but it keeps growing back and he was captured. He also says that there is an anti-magic field over the prison and asks that you help remove it. He gives a clue that he overheard "turn east then west to disable". He also asks that you find his equipment and return it to him. He mentions that each dawn one prisoner is taken away and doesn't return. You can pick the lock on each of the prison cell doors. You will receive experience for each of the prisoners rescued and for releasing Nathaniel. He will stay in his cell for the time being. Inside the third cell you will find a note from the Master of Locks warning about traps and about Lysara's dais; turn clockwise on the right and counter-clockwise on the left.

4 - Lysara Dais

As you approach this room you will find an outer room that has cabinets that can be looted and the wall to the left is false. There may be some Aurilite Postulants that attack from behind the false wall. When you enter or approach the north doorway into Lysara's Dais she will confront you and say that the Aurilites created the ice barrier, that Nickademus is the Ice Temple's architect, the prisoners are being sacrificed to preserve the Ice Temple and who crashed Oswald's airship.

When you are done talking Lysara and Aurilite Postulants, Winter Wolves, and an Ice Golem Champion will attack. Focus on the Ice Golem first; he can do considerable damage if left. Lysara can take a lot of damage; it may take a while to defeat her. If the Aurilite Postulant Priestess' are still alive they will heal Lysara. On her body you will find a key (keep for later) and some armor. Inside the room is the Dais. Have one member stand on the left side of the Dais and click that side until it says "East"; then move the member to the right side and click on that side until it says "West". You will see a message that the anti-magic field is removed.

Return and tell Nathaniel that the anti-magic field is removed and what you learned from Lysara. He will now offer healing services and a resting place.

5 - Abishai

The three doors into this room all have the same saying: L-North, R-North. Return to the Dais and stand on the left side and click that side until it says "North". The doors will now open. Inside the room are Lesser White Abishai. The leader is named Xhaan who warns you to not approach because they will be overcome with bloodlust. He also says that Sherincal trapped them inside the room and are being controlled by a strange presence in their heads. The strange presences called Aeij-Kllenz't. If you remove the voice they will be free. At the back of the room is the doorway from outside that was mentioned earlier.

6 - Cathin

Frost Touches will be guarding the door if; you haven't already taken care of them. Inside you will speak with Cithin who talks about Lysan, Lysara and destroying her enemies. She will have a couple of Winter Wolves and Aurilite Postulants with her. More may join in after the battle starts. This isn't a difficult fight. Cathin will drop a Temple Key, Armor and Ice Axes. You can also save the Winter Wolf pelts.

7 - Ondabo

Inside this room is Ondabo; who is talking with Aurilite Priests. They will run from the room when you enter. Talk with Ondabo about Aeij-Kllenzr't and find out that he is also called "Caged Fury". He is at an altar somewhere in the Ice Temple and if you speak his true name at the altar it will remove him. Do not upset or be rude to Ondabo or he will not talk with you. In the other two rooms on this side of the hallway you will find some books and scrolls. One of the rooms is locked and you have to use the dais to enter.

8 - Secret Hallway

Now move back to the room before Lysara's Dais and enter into the secret hallway. This hallway leads around to the other side of the Temple. You will encounter Aurilites, Winter Wolves, and Barbarian Warriors. When you reach the hallway by the Abishai's you can go south and clear out any enemies. Then head out the north doorway. This section of the hallway will be more difficult. You will find more Aurilites, Winter Wolves, Stormsisters and an Ice Golem Champion. You will find another secret door at the end of the hallway. The two rooms to your left will have some Aurilites, Barbarians, Barbarian Shamans and Winter Wolves. The room to your immediate right will have an Ice Golem Champion inside.

9 - Storage Room

Inside this room are a lot of crates. Some of them can be looted, one to the north is trapped.

10 - Kuldahar Painting

At these stairs is a painting of Kuldahar that will transport your party depending on how you respond. Here is a list of answers and destinations:
  • Death to Kuldahar = Stairs on Level Two
  • In Auril's name = Treasury on Level Two
  • Andora = Andora Village
  • Lysan = Outside altar on Level Two
  • Auril shower me with strength = Battle Room on Level Two
  • Nickademus = Stairs to Level Two
  • Bedroom = Nickademus on Level Two
  • From the sea = Abishai room
  • Hmmmm = Beginning of Temple

11 - Stairs to Level Two

As you near this room you will hear many creatures inside. There are a lot of Ice Trolls inside. They will all attack at once. Try to keep as many trapped inside the room as possible and kill them as they come to the doorway. Use any fire spells that you have on them. In the center of the room are stairs that lead to Level Two.

Return to Nathaniel to rest your party and purchase any supplies needed. You may also return outside to Zack. You can now head to Level Two through the stairs.