Vrek Vileclaw's Cave

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1 - Arrival

Throughout the cave you will encounter Slimes, Carrion Crawlers, Ochre Jelly and Slime Zombies. They all have some type of damage resistance, especially the Slime Zombies.

2 - Weapon Loot

Here you will find an unusual throwing axe, Haft Over Head.

3 - Orc Guards

You will encounter some Orc Guards who tell you about Vrek Vileclaw; who is in charge of the Orcs. They send you on to talk with Vrek.

4 - Vrek Vileclaw

Vrek will talk with you for a bit about his plans then attack. Be prepared to subdue as many Orcs as possible. There is an Orc Shaman, several Archers, Warriors and the Guards that are behind you. The Shaman and Vrek will cast be casting hold spells upon you. try to focus on killing Vrek and the Shaman first while the others are entangled/asleep. Be aware that the only way to kill trolls is to throw a burn their corpse either with fire spells or flaming oil. If you do not do this they will continue to rise and fight. Once Vrek and the Shaman are dead kill off the archers, warriors and guards. Now you can loot the chest in the corner. It will contain the Moonblade of Selune that Emma asked you to retrieve and several other items.