Underdark Passages

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1 - Arrival

As you enter this map you will be approached by Malavon Despana. He invites you to his camp and promises that it is safe. He wishes to make you an offer. You can accept his offer and enter his camp for a quest or decline. If you decline you will be attacked when entering the camp.

2 - Malavon's Camp

Malavon asks that you help with their Drider problem. Driders are Drow that have been changed into a sort of spider creature. They now have some sort of magic to mass produce more Driders. He also tells you that his sister Ginafae is the Drider leader. The Driders are blocking your passage and have an allegiance with the Legion of Chimera. He asks that you persuade his sister Ginafae to return to his camp. Inside the camp you will also meet Viizra Aribani and Kadresh Olonrae, who sell healing and items. You can receive some helpful information regarding the area from them. You will encounter numerous spiders and other creatures while exploring the area.

3 - Drow Assassins

If you spoke with Viizra you will know about the Drow Assassins in the area. They are invisible until you are in the middle of their ambush. They will focus on one of your weaker party members. Any type of protection spheres you can cast on that member will help. They are not too difficult to defeat.

4 - Underdark Merchants

You will find several merchants in this area. Be careful talking with them, if you insult them they will attack. They will also attack if you try to loot the chests.

5 - Oinchack'olp

Oinchack'Olp is a Mind Flayer and is surrounded by his thralls. They will not attack unless you attack Oinchack'Olp. He asks you to find and return his blue stone and return it to him. He says that he believes the Driders have taken it.

6 - Myconids

Blue and Red Myconids will attack if you travel to the north of this area. They are easily defeated, but can cast fear on your members.

7 - Sorn and Nadal

Before you can enter the tunnels into the Drider Lair you will encounter Sorn and Nadal. You can receive some information from them. It is difficult to get this information because choosing the wrong questions will cause them to attack. Whether you kill them or intimidate them into leaving doesn't matter; any other Driders that you encounter will attack anyway.

8 - Drider Lair Entrance

Any of these three tunnels will take you to the Drider Lair.

9 - Z'hinda Citadel Entrance

You will not be able to open this door until after you have defeated the Driders. Upon approaching you will encounter Beelthot, a Mind Flayer. He will speak with you briefly then attack. Along with him are Duergars, Drow Wizards and Formorian Giants. The Formorian Giants will cause a lot of damage; try to immobilize them to deal with Beelthot first. After Beelthot is dead attack the immobilized Formorian Giants one at a time. If your immobilization of them works well you may have time to defeat the Duergars and Drow Wizards before engaging them. Rest and heal before entering the Z'Hinda Citadel.