Missing Children - Fell Wood

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1 - Arrival

This is the entrance to the Fell Woods from the Wandering Village.

2 - Path

Along this path you will encounter many Snow Trolls and Snow Troll Shaman. The Shaman will cast a Protection from Fire spell on all of them. Stay as close to the entrance as possible; you may need to return to the village for healing.

3 - Limha

Inside the tent are Limha and Agog. Limha sells spells and a few other items. If you wish to purchase anything from her do not have a Paladin talk. If anyone other than a Paladin talks with her she will say that she knows nothing about the missing children.

If you do not have a Paladin you will have to return to the village and question Venla and Kurttu about Limha. They have a few details, but not much. You will not be able to complete this quest until after you talk with Carynara later along a Fell Wood path.

If you have a Paladin then you can complete this quest now. The Paladin will know that Limha is evil and you will be able to ask her about it. A small child will appear and say that Limha kidnapped them. Limha will leave the tent and Agog will attack. You can kill Agog easily. Outside of the tent will be Limha and monsters that she summoned. Use any type of entrapment or stun spell that you can on Limha. She will continue to summon monsters and teleport away if you do not kill her fast. If she does teleport away kill all of the monsters and head back along the path to the village. You will soon find her again. She will again summon monsters. You will find her scroll bag and some other items on her corpse. You can now return to Venla and Suoma to receive your experience reward. Suoma will give you the next quest; Barrow Wight.

4 - Barbarians

Four Barbarians will ask you about their brothers; the ones that were with Thvara. When you say that you killed them they will attack. They are not overly difficult. One will drop a the sword Wroth.

5 - Exit to Fell Wood Paths

This is the exit to the Fell Wood paths.