Shaengarne Dam

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1 - Arrival

Upon entering the area you will be attacked by some Maralites and Arctic Boars. The Maralites cast heals upon themselves. I used a sleep spell and put the three Maralites out to take care of the Arctic Boars. Then took out the Maralites one at a time. To the north is a support beam that you need to destroy.

2 - Camp

Here you will encounter more Maralites, a Maralite High Priest, and some other animals. The Maralite High Priest will heal the others and summon animals. You might try to take him out first to avoid the other summoned animals. In the camp you will find Thy-Dunag Blade, lamp oils, and burning oils.

3 - Broken Bridge

Notice the broken bridge and that it requires lumber to fix.

4 - Archer Platform

Before completely crossing the small bridge you will find more Maralites, Snow Leopard, and some Highland Cats. After defeating those finish crossing the bridge to take out the Orc Archers on top of the platform. Proceed to your left to find more Maralites, Orc Archers and cats. You will need to destroy the support beam located here also. You will receive in your inventory some lumber.

5 - Support Beam

Once again you will find Maralites, Orc Archers, and cats. You will need to destroy the support beam located here. You will automatically receive in your inventory the lumber needed to repair the broken bridge.

6 - Exit

Return to the broken bridge and repair it. Cross over and proceed to the exit.