Side Quest: Whispers in the Marsh

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You'll receive this quest from Goodwife Aruna in West Harbor at some point in Act II. We're not sure what triggers the quest. It's possible that you'll only get it after you've hit character level 16.


Aruna will inform you that Sheydann Zinn is the leader of a cult, and that he's convinced Jan Buckman to join him. Aruna will then ask you to rescue Jan from the cult because she's worried about what might happen should he stay with it. "I fear the whole of West Harbor would be won over by their lies."

You'll find Jan and Zinn -- and a few of their closest cultist friends -- at the Swamp Cult located just to the northeast of West Harbor. When you talk to Zinn (#1), if you're diplomatic, then you'll be able to convince Jan to leave the cult. But regardless of what you say, Zinn will eventually order the cultists to attack you, and so it'll just be a matter of whether Jan is with you or against you.

After the battle, when you loot the remains, you won't find much other than the scimitar Venomdrinker on Zinn's corpse. But if you're thorough, then you'll also find a Composite Longbow (1), a Scythe +2, and a single Poison Arrow in the cultist's camp (#2), and if Jan is still alive, then he'll give you the Unwilling Pendant.

When you return to Goodwife Aruna in West Harbor, if you kept Jan alive, then she'll reward you with 1700 xp and the Gardener's Gloves. If Jan died, then you'll only receive 1530 xp and the Gardener's Gloves.

1 - Altar

2 - Camp

  1. World exit.


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