Side Quest: Protection Money

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At some point during the act (probably after you've created a caravan at Phandalin or Conyberry), Sa'Sani (at Crossroad Keep) will give you this quest.


Sa'Sani will tell you that some troll and ogre mercenaries have been attacking your eastern caravans, and that they're now demanding gold to leave them alone. Sa'Sani will then ask you to "put a stop to them by any means necessary," by which she'll mean that you should kill them.

You'll find the trolls and ogres in the Crystal Cave (located to the east of Crossroad Keep). When you enter the cave, you'll be greeted by an ogre guard (#1), and this will give you some options for how to deal with the situation:
  • You can just kill everybody. You'll have to take on over a dozen ogres and trolls, but the battles shouldn't be too bad, and you'll find two sets of Hide Armor +2, a Ring of Major Acid Resistance, a Ring of Protection +2, and more on the corpses. You'll also be able to loot a hidden storage room (#5) where you'll find some minor items and gold.

  • You can bluff or intimidate Tuka-Akut (#3), the leader of the outfit, and convince him to stop attacking your caravans. However, this will cause his underlings to get upset, and they'll start attacking you and each other, and you'll end up having to fight everybody, just like with the first option.

  • You can negotiate with Tuka-Akut (#3), and give him 5000-10,000 gp. This will allow you to complete the quest peaceably.
Regardless, when you return to your merchant headquarters (in Crossroad Keep) to tell Variel (not Sa'Sani) the news, she'll reward you with 1900 xp.

1 - Ogre Guard

2 - Crates

3 - Tuka-Akut

4 - Fake Wall

If your search skill is high enough (and if you turn on search mode), then next to the fake wall you'll find a lever, and pulling the lever will open the wall. However, if you open the wall then the ogres and trolls will attack you.

5 - Hidden Storage Room

Inside the locked and trapped chest inside the storage room, you'll find a Light Shield +1, a Battleaxe +1, a Shortbow +2, and more.

  1. World exit.