Side Quest: The Finest Wine
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You'll receive this quest from Ottelmar (in Taruin).


Ottelmar will introduce himself as a "connoisseur of fine wine," and he'll ask you to purchase a Bottle of Deepwine for him from the Underdark Black Market (located to the south near Samargol). Inside the market, Zhiir will offer to sell you the wine for 5000 gp, even if you haven't yet completed his quest For Special Customers Only. If you have a high enough lore skill, then you'll be able to lower that price to 2500 gp. If you kill the mindflayers in the market, then Zhiir will drop the wine, and you'll get it for free.

When you deliver the Bottle of Deepwine to Ottelmar, he'll reward you with 600 xp and 5500 gp.