Main Quest: Seeking the Truth

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You'll receive this quest from Sa'Sani (in Samargol) once you've completed the quest Missing Personnel.


Sa'Sani will tell you that between Captain Lastri's report and other information she's gathered, she suspects that Luaire Farwander is the one behind the sabotage on the Vigilant, and she'll ask you to track him down and bring him back -- alive -- so that she can question him. To help you out in your search, Sa'Sani will reveal that she set up a transportation portal at the Lantanese Lumber Camp to the north, and that that's where Luaire was heading -- ironically, to deliver a message of warning to Crossroad Keep.

When you arrive at the camp, you'll meet Dall Nickleplate at the front gate (#1), and you'll learn that not only hasn't Luaire visited the camp lately, the portal (#4) is currently broken, so he couldn't have left for the Sword Coast anyway. Then when you talk to Dall next to the portal, he'll explain that some odd occurrences have been plaguing the camp lately, including dinosaur attacks and the murder of the chief artificer, and he'll ask you to help out. These quests are covered in the quest entry for Local Troubles.

Once you've helped out the gnomes at the camp, Dall will give you some of the Distilled Toxin that was used to murder the chief artificer, and he'll ask you to show it to Sa'Sani. When you do, you'll earn 700 xp.

1 - Front Gate

2 - Ahri Golemkin

Ahri will sell you some basic items, including traps and golem parts. At some point after you've completed the quest Local Troubles, Ahri will also give you the quest Infestation.

3 - Lantanese Tentkeeper

The tentkeeper will allow you to rest in his tent for 150-200 gp.

4 - Portal / Dall Nickleplate / Nil Sheafrustle

Dall Nickleplate will give you several quests dealing with recent problems in the camp. These quests are covered in the quest entry for Local Troubles. After completing Local Troubles, Nil Sheafrustle will give you a series of bounties to collect. The bounties are summarized here.

You won't be able to use the portal until the end of the act.

5 - Herb Shrubs

You'll find some Lantanese Healing Herbs inside of these shrubs.

  1. World exit.