Side Quest: Relic of the Shattered Spear

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To receive this quest, you'll need to pick up the quest Batiri Bargain from Vadin'ya in Samargol, and you'll need to negotiate with the batiri in the Shattered Spear Tribe cave, rather than attack them.


You'll meet Cuamogh, the leader of the batiri tribe, in the back of the Shattered Spear Tribe cave (#5). When you ask her about the Flawless Gem that Vadin'ya is looking for, she'll make you a deal. If you can retrieve an ancient relic -- the spear that gave her tribe its name -- then she'll trade you the gem for it.

You'll find the relic in the Ruined Temple to the south. The temple can be rough. Inside, you'll have to deal with yuan-ti holy guardians, spider constructs, and traps. Assuming that you survive, you'll find a Scimitar +2, a Ring of Resistance +2, and more on the remains of the temple's defenders, and you'll find the Shattered Spear in the temple's vault (#9).

When you deliver the spear to Cuamogh, she'll reward you with 1600 xp, plus the Flawless Gem for Vadin'ya. "Cuamogh shall be chieftess, matriarch for always!"

Note: If you attack the batiri, then Cuamogh will drop the Flawless Gem when she dies, and the other batiri will drop some minor items, like Hide Armor +1 and a Handaxe +1.

Another Note: If you kill the batiri at the Shattered Spear Tribe and at the Stone Knives Tribe, then you'll receive the Bane of the Batiri feat. The feat doesn't do anything, though.

1 - Batiri Guard

When you enter the cave, this guard will challenge you, and you'll have to make a decision. If you agree to negotiate with the batiri, then you'll be able to explore the cave (and loot all of the containers) peaceably. If you state your intention to attack the batiri, then all of the batiri in the cave will descend upon you, possibly giving you a tough fight.

2 - Weapon Rack

Inside this weapon rack you'll find a Spear +1 and 99 Arrows +1.

3 - Weapon Rack

Inside this weapon rack you'll find a Batiri Club and a Light Shield +1.

4 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find an Amulet of Natural Armor +1, plus some gems, potions, and spell scrolls.

5 - Cuamogh

6 - Locked Door

In order to open this locked door (#6), you'll need to pull the lever to the west (#6a).

7 - Bookshelf

Inside the bookshelf, you'll find a Ruin Fragment, the Sauringar Tome, and several spell scrolls. You'll need the Ruin Fragment for one of Volo's quests.

8 - Locked Door

This door has a DC of 40, but if you can't pick it with your rogue, then you can always bash it down. Just be careful of the trap on it.

9 - Treasure Chamber

Inside this room you'll find two trapped chests containing Bracers of Armor +1, a Wand of Fireball, a Shattered Spear, and more.

  1. World exit.