Side Quest: The Wrath of Umberlee

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You'll receive this quest from Rynn Shepherde or Haeromos Dethwintyl in Port Llast.


Rynn or Haeromos will tell you that storms have been wreaking havoc on the coast lately, and that because of them Port Llast hasn't been able to participate in any sea trade. Rynn or Haeromos will then ask you to visit the local temple to Umberlee to negotiate a solution. If Haeromos is the quest giver, then you'll be able to bluff him when he gives you the quest, and earn 1000 gp upfront.

You'll find the Priory of the Depths to the northwest of Port Llast, on the coast. The priory is the lone puzzle area in the campaign, and you'll have to solve puzzles in its first four rooms so that you can visit the prioress in the final room (#5).

In the first room (#1), you'll need to click on the shrine, and then pay either 2000 gp or 150 trade bars. Since trade bars are worth 15 gp each, the cheapest option is to pay in gold.

In the second room (#2), you'll have to take a quiz. If you read the placards hanging on the walls, then you'll get some hints for the questions, but all that's required is a basic understanding of who Umberlee is (the goddess of the sea). The answers to the four questions are:
  • Everyone.
  • Drowning.
  • A blue-green wave curling left and right.
  • Seas and oceans.
If you get a question wrong, then you'll take some acid damage, and you'll have to start over.

In the third room (#3), you'll have to fight a pair of water elementals, and you'll have to pull a pair of levers (#3a). You'll also find some corpses in the room, including Rynn's agent Khralver. If you loot the corpses then some drowned undead will spawn, but you'll find 99 Arrows +3, a Kukri +2, a Chain Shirt +1, and more.

In the fourth room (#4), you'll find a strange pattern on the floor -- essentially a starburst pattern with tentacles. At the end of each tentacle, you'll find a circle. Your goal for the puzzle is to take three of your characters, and move them onto the right circles. Each time you move to the wrong circle, you'll take electrical damage. If you move to the right circle, then you won't take any damage. The puzzle is random, so you'll have to figure it out through trial and error.

Note: To prevent your characters from moving when you don't want them to, right click on the ground and hold the right mouse button down for a second. When a menu pops up, select the broadcast command "stand your ground." Then after completing the puzzle, do the same thing but select "follow me."

When you have three characters on the right three circles, green balls of light will hover over them, and a blue ball of light will hover near the exit door. To complete the puzzle, you'll just need to repeat the process twice more, but you won't have to worry about any of the circles with green balls over them. That is, you'll once again have to move three characters onto the right three circles, but you'll only have to deal with six circles for the second phase and then three circles for the final phase.

Once you've caused nine green balls of light to form over the tentacle circles and three balls of blue light to form near the exit door, the exit door will open, allowing you to continue.

Note: Apparently, you can break the puzzle if you save and then load your game in the middle of it. So be sure to save your game before you start it, and then only save again after you've completed it.

In the final room (#5), you'll meet the prioress. There are two ways that you can deal with her: you can kill her, which will net you a Ring of Divine Power (2), or you can bribe her, which will cost you 6000 gp. If you bribe the prioress, and if the Luskans are still alive in Port Llast, then you'll also be able to pay her 4000 gp to have her sink the Luskan ship at the dock. Sinking the ship won't turn the Luskans hostile towards you, but it'll make the battle against them easier should you choose to fight them later (you won't have to face their cleric or their buccaneers).

When you return to Port Llast, you'll get a different reward depending on who's in charge. If the Luskans are still around, then Rynn Shepherde will give you 1200 xp and 1000 gp. If the Luskans are dead, then Haeromos Dethwintyl will give you 1500 xp and 500 gp.

1 - Gold Room

2 - Mind Room

3 - Blood Room

4 - Song Room

5 - Prioress

  1. World exit.