Side Quest: Parrum's Rock

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You'll receive this quest from Jesentus Parr (in Conyberry).


Parr will tell you about the Parrum's Rock mine, which recently flooded, killing all of the miners inside -- and how the miners have now returned in undead form. He'll then ask you to enter the mine, kill all of the undead, and then deliver to him the deed for the mine so he can begin working it again.

When you enter the mine, you'll be attacked by numerous ghasts and drowned dead. If you have a cleric with turn undead, then you should be able to make short work of them. Otherwise, you'll just have to cut your way through them with regular attacks.

After the battle, when you explore the mine a little, you'll find a pile of correspondence (#3), including letters between Parr and the mine's foreman, and the Deed to Parrum's Rock. If you read the letters, then you'll learn that Parr was the one responsible for the flooding that killed the foreman and the miners, and that the foreman's son is probably working in the Conyberry tavern.

In the rest of the mine, you'll find a room with some odd spirits in it (#5), including echoes of remorse, echoes of regret, and a smothered conscious. When you kill the smothered conscious, the other undead in the mine (if any) will disappear, and the mine will be safe again.

When you return to Conyberry, you'll have to make a choice:
  • If you give the deed to Parr, then you'll receive 1000-2000 gp. Parr might also promise to send you "an assortment of goods" at Crossroad Keep, but this won't happen.

  • If you give the deed to the tavern boy (the foreman's son), then you won't get anything extra. The boy will promise to repay you someday for your kindness, but when he disappears from the tavern, you'll never see him again.
Either way, you'll also receive 1400 xp at the end of the quest, and Conyberry will start producing darksteel.

1 - Armor Rack

You'll find a Darksteel Chain Shirt in the armor rack.

2 - Armoire

You'll find Boots of Striding +2 and Studded Leather Armor +2 in the armoire.

3 - Correspondence

4 - Arcane Nexus

You'll need to visit this nexus for the quest A Knot in the Weave.

5 - Smothered Conscious Room

  1. World exit.