Main Quest: Local Troubles

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Organizational Note

"Local Troubles" is an overview quest that encompasses three other quests: "Disturbances," "Pesky Dinos," and "Jiggle the Handle." All four quests are covered on this page.


Dall Nickleplate (#1) will give you these quests when you ask him about the portal (#2).


Dall will tell you that some strange things have been happening in the camp lately -- dinosaurs have been attacking the gnomes, and "something -- or someone" has been damaging the logging equipment at night -- and he'll ask you to look into it. Worse, after solving one of the problems, you'll learn that the camp's chief artificer was murdered a short time ago, and that a piece of the portal is missing. You'll receive a quest for each problem ("Disturbances," "Pesky Dinos," and "Jiggle the Handle"), plus an overview quest for the entire matter ("Local Troubles").

Note: You won't need to solve all three problems to complete "Local Troubles." You'll just need to complete one out of "Disturbances" and "Pesky Dinos," and then complete "Jiggle the Handle".


For this quest you'll need to visit the camp at night to see what's causing the mischief. If it's not nighttime already, then just leave the camp, press R to rest, and select "wait here until dusk." Then when you re-enter the camp, it will be nighttime.

What you'll find near the camp is a ghost (#3). The ghost will start out hostile to you, but then after you've damaged it enough, it will stop attacking and start talking. The ghost will introduce itself as Tarnith Timekeep, and it will explain how it was murdered by an engineer named Leva. The ghost will then ask you to dig up its remains, which you'll find in the mound of earth to the west (#4), and show them to Dall (#2).

When Dall sees the Gnomish Remains, he'll realize that Tarnith was murdered by Leva, but before he can do anything, Tarnith will take her revenge on Leva herself, and Leva will keel over, dead. For your part, you'll receive 700 xp.

Pesky Dinos

For this quest you'll need to thin the deinonychus (EL 8) population near the logging camp and deliver three Dinosaur Claws to Dall (#2). This is a pretty easy task. Dinosaurs regularly spawn near the camp, and they almost always drop Dinosaur Claws, so it shouldn't take you long to gather what you need. When you deliver the Dinosaur Claws to Dall, you'll receive 600 xp.

Note: You'll need Dinosaur Claws for Kwesi's Bounties and Nil's Bounties as well.

Jiggle the Handle

After solving one of Dall's (#2) problems, he'll reveal that the camp's chief artificer was recently murdered, and that a piece of the portal is missing. If you have a high enough crafting or spellcraft skill, then you'll be able to construct the Missing Widget out of thin air. Otherwise, you'll need to hunt for the dinosaur that ate Dall's spare widget. You'll find this Sickly Megaraptor wandering on the overland map near the camp, and when you kill it, it will drop the Missing Widget.

When you present the widget to Dall, you'll complete this quest and Local Troubles, and you'll earn 2300 xp. You won't be able to use the portal just yet, but Dall will give you some of the Distilled Toxin that killed the chief artificer, and he'll suggest that you show it to Sa'Sani.

1 - Dall Nickleplate

2 - Portal

3 - Ghost

4 - Mound of Earth

  1. World exit.