Side Quest: The Trading Post

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During the quest Missing Associates, you'll have to join one of the three merchant cartels in Neverwinter. Afterwards, if you ask the representative of the cartel (#1) if he has any work for you, then this is one of the quests he'll give you.


The representative will ask you to purchase the trading post (#2) in Neverwinter, and he'll direct you to Sir Nevalle, who you'll either find in the courtyard (#3) or in the Wailing Wench Tavern (#4). Nevalle will charge you 800 trade bars for the trading post, and you won't be able to negotiate the price down.

When you finally make the purchase, Nevalle will give you the Blacklake District Trading Post Key, which will allow you to enter the trading post, and you'll also earn 1000 xp. You'll be able to set up five trading caravans from the trading post, so it's well worth the investment.

1 - Cartel Headquarters

2 - Trading Post

3 - Courtyard

4 - Wailing Wench Tavern

  1. Entrance to the Temple of Waukeen.
  2. World exit.