Side Quest: Think of the Children
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After joining one of Neverwinter's merchant cartels, if you ask Sir Nevalle (also in Neverwinter, either in the courtyard or in the Wailing Wench Tavern) if he has any work for you, then he'll give you this quest.

Note: It's possible for Nevalle to give you this quest without the quest appearing in your journal. If that happens, just talk to him again and use slightly different responses.

Another Note: Nevalle will only give this quest to a non-evil character.


Nevalle will tell you that the orphanage in the Docks District was damaged in the Shadow War, and he'll ask you to find a replacement. You'll have two options for this:
  • The Temple of Waukeen (in Neverwinter). For this case you'll need to talk to Manycoins Eramus in the temple. It won't take much to convince him to house the orphanage, but if worse comes to worst you can always bribe him with 2500 gp.

  • Crossroad Keep. For this case you'll need to talk to Khelgar Ironfist in the interior of Crossroad Keep. Just about anything you say to him will convince him to open up a part of the keep as an orphanage.
Regardless of your decision (which, as far as we can tell, won't affect anything), Nevalle will reward you with 700 xp and 750 trade bars when you return to him in Neverwinter.