Side Quest: Nimble Fingers, Light Step

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At some point during the act, you'll meet a man named Jaris standing in front of the alchemist's house (in the Crossroad Keep courtyard). When you talk to him, he'll give you this quest.


Jaris will tell you that he inherited the house from his uncle, but that the place has become dangerous due to the shoddy storage of the chemicals inside. He'll then ask you to enter the house and take care of the problem.

Inside, you'll need to select your stealthiest character, and move him through the chemical storage room (#1) while the rest of your party waits by the door (Exit A). If your character is quiet enough, then none of the chemicals will topple over and explode, and you'll get a better reward at the end.

Note: To make your party wait, right-click on the ground and hold the right mouse button down for a couple of seconds. Then when a menu pops up, select the broadcast command "stand your ground." Later, when you're ready for your party to move again, do the same thing but select the command "follow me."

Past the storage room, you'll come to the alchemist's desk (#2), where you'll find a Purple Vial, a Green Vial, and an Alchemy Notebook. You'll need these items at the alchemy table (#3).

At the alchemy table, you should first "compare the writings in the alchemy notebook with the chemicals" or use your craft alchemy skill. This will give you some clues for how to diffuse the chemicals on the table.

Here's the sequence:
  1. Apply the contents of the green vial to the concoction.
  2. Carefully remove some vials (requires sleight of hand).
  3. Remove the silver vials.
  4. Remove the blue vials.
If you follow the above sequence, then you'll neutralize the chemicals. If you don't follow the above sequence, then you'll still neutralize the chemicals, but you'll also cause an explosion.

When you return to Jaris, if you managed to diffuse the chemicals without causing any explosions, then he'll reward you with 1400 xp, 1000 gp, and a Bag of Holding. Otherwise, if you caused one or more explosions, then you'll only receive 700 xp and 250 gp.

1 - Chemical Storage Room

2 - Desk

3 - Alchemy Table

  1. Exit to the Crossroad Keep courtyard.