Side Quests: Khelgar's Quests

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You'll receive these quests from Khelgar at Crossroad Keep (#1).


From time to time, Khelgar will give you a quest. These quests are not part of a series (where completing one quest will trigger the next). Instead, they'll just pop up at certain times during the act, and you'll receive them when you talk to Khelgar. The quests are detailed below.

Shadows Fading

Khelgar will tell you that a few shadow priests are still fighting the war for the King of Shadows, and he'll ask you to take care of them. You'll find the priests in the Shadow Cult, located to the south of Crossroad Keep.

Inside the cult, you'll face a lot of undead and shadow creatures, including shadow mastiffs, dire rats, ghouls, ghasts, and wraiths. These battles shouldn't be overly tough -- until you get to the final chamber where the shadow priests are located (#6).

In the final battle, you'll have to take on a warlock, a vampire, two shadow priests, and the shadow high priest. It's a good idea to rest and buff up before the battle, and then immediately blast everybody with area-effect spells when you open the door to the chamber. When the dust settles, you'll find a Longsword +2, a Mace +2, a Vampiric Dagger +2, Full Plate +2, the High Priest's Journal, and more on the remains.

Note: If you read the High Priest's Journal then you'll learn that the three shadow priests you defeated were the last three. Reading the journal will also pinpoint the location of the Onyx Cave on the overland map.

When you return to Khelgar after killing the priests, he'll reward you with 1100 xp and 1500 gp.

Recruitment Drive

Khelgar will tell you that some mercenaries are staying at the Phoenix Tail tavern (in Crossroad Keep), and he'll ask you to recruit them into the Greycloaks. When you enter the tavern, you'll meet their leader, a human named Nall. If you have enough ranks in any of the social skills (bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, taunt), then you'll be able to convince Nall that he should join up.

When you return with the good news to Khelgar, he'll reward you with 1200 xp.

The Bards' Tale

Khelgar will tell you that Azhar (who you might have met previously in the Crossroad Keep courtyard) and her group of bards managed to steal the Gauntlets of Ironfist from the keep, right under the noses of the Greycloaks, and he'll ask you to track the thieves down.

You'll find Azhar and her merry band in a Log Cabin to the northeast (#2). Don't confuse this cabin with Skullcrusher's Cabin (#3), which is located nearby. Inside the cabin, you'll discover a party in progress, with the thieves in a back room. An orc bouncer will stop you when you approach the back room, and if you don't satisfy him, then everybody in the cabin (including the thieves) will attack you. If you make it into the back room without triggering a fight, then a battle with everybody will start up anyway, because the thieves will refuse to give up the gauntlets peaceably.

When you finally finish killing everybody in the cabin, you'll find some nice items on the corpses, including a Rapier +2, a Short Sword +2, a Chain Shirt +2, a Breastplate +2, and a random high quality gem. Then inside a locked storage room, you'll find a locked chest containing the Gauntlets of Ironfist and more.

When you deliver the gauntlets to Khelgar, he'll reward you with 1200 xp and 2000 gp. Given the paltriness of the reward, you might want to hang onto the gauntlets instead.

1 - Crossroad Keep

2 - Log Cabin

3 - Skullcrusher's Cabin

4 - Scrollcase

You'll find several spell scrolls inside the scrollcase.

5 - Forge

Inside the forge you'll find a pair of weapon racks containing a Tower Shield +2 and a Bastard Sword +1, and you'll meet a pair of spectral blacksmiths. Talking to the blacksmiths won't lead to anything.

6 - Shadow Priests

In the back of this chamber (behind the throne) you'll find an arcane nexus. You'll need to visit this nexus for the quest A Knot in the Weave.

  1. Entrance to the Shadow Cult.
  2. World exit.


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