Side Quest: The Lady's Apprentice
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Sa'Sani (in Samargol) will give you this quest once you've completed the quests Job Application and Unnerving Evidence.


This quest involves the trading system in Storm of Zehir. As you explore Samarach, you'll find resources here and there (mostly on the overland map after successful skill checks). To gain trade bars, you'll need to sell these resources to towns. Then when you turn in your trade bars to Osi Tchaluka (next to Sa'Sani in Samargol), he'll give you 15 gp for each bar. Later, you'll find other things to spend trade bars on, but that won't happen until Act II.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to turn in over 100 trade bars to Osi. When that happens, Osi will reward you with 700 xp.

Note: We wouldn't recommend that you turn in all of your trade bars to Osi. You should save some back for Act II.

Another Note: You can only complete this quest in Act I.