Side Quest: The Singing Pendant

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You'll receive this quest from Redfeyer (in Rassatan).


Redfeyer will tell you that he lost his Singing Pendant in the Singing Caverns (located to the east), and he'll ask you to retrieve it. For your reward, he'll generously allow you to keep anything else that you find in the caverns.

Inside the Singing Caverns, you'll have to battle green spiders and bats, and dodge or disarm a few traps, but you'll find the pendant in a chest in the large southern chamber (#3). When you bring it back to Redfeyer, he'll reward you with 700 xp and a round of Ale.

Note: The only way to keep the Singing Pendant for yourself is to not complete the quest.

1 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Ring of Minor Acid Resistance.

2 - Dirt Mound

Inside the dirt mound you find over 500 gp, an Amulet of Natural Armor +1, and some minor treasures.

3 - Chest

You'll find the Singing Pendant in this chest.

4 - Chest

You'll find some potions in this chest.

5 - Arcane Nexus

There are several nexuses scattered around Samarach and the Sword Coast. In Act II (in Neverwinter), you'll be given a reason to visit them. So until then, keep track of where you find them, so you'll have an easier time when returning to them later.

  1. World exit.