Side Quests: Vadin'ya's Quests

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You'll receive these quests from Vadin'ya in Samargol (#1). You'll have to complete them in order.


Vadina'ya is a merchant and a collector, and she'll give you a few quests to fetch items for her. These quests are described below.


Vadin'ya will tell you about a boar named Bal-alak the Ferocious, and she'll ask you to kill it. You'll usually find Bal-alak north of Samargol (#2). He'll start out neutral to you (on the overland map), so you'll be able to choose when to start the fight. Bal-alak shouldn't be too tough to kill, even at level 5, and you'll automatically pick up Bal-alak's Tusks when he dies.

When you deliver the tusks to Vadin'ya, she'll reward you with 700 xp and 2500 gp.

Heavy Weaponry

Vadin'ya will tell you that the firenewts in the Mines of Selgol (#3) carry "axes touched with fire," and she'll ask you to bring her back one so she can give it to her bodyguard Atriuk.

You'll find the Mines of Selgol far to the northeast of Samarach, near the town of Torich. Inside, you'll have to battle lots of firenewts, and you'll eventually find the Greataxe of Flame on Overlord Flamespar. When you bring it back to Vandin'ya, she'll reward you with 600 xp and 3000 gp.

Note: Vadin'ya will also claim that she'll show you improved merchandise in her shop, but nothing will actually change.

Batiri Bargain

Vadin'ya will tell you that the Shattered Spear Tribe has a Flawless Gem in their cave to the north (#4), and she'll ask you to pick it up for her. To get the gem, you'll either need to kill the batiri in the cave or complete the quest Relic of the Shattered Spear for them. Either way, when you return to Vadin'ya with the gem, she'll reward you with 700 xp and 5000 gp.

1 - Samargol

2 - Bal-alak the Ferocious

3 - Mines of Selgol

4 - Shattered Spear Tribe