Gameplay Tips
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Trading Tips

You can turn in trade bars for 15 gp each (with Variel at Crossroad Keep or Osi Tchaluka at Samargol), so the more trading you do, the better.

In Act II, you'll start seeing a variety of prices for resources. Blue (low) prices are good when buying, and gold (high) prices are good when selling. Black prices are the standard.

In Act II, you'll be able to create trade caravans. These caravans will generate way more trade bars than manual trading -- to the point where you won't need to do any more manual trading. You'll receive your trade caravan income from Variel in Crossroad Keep.

If you're playing an unpatched version of the game, and if you use one of your trading posts to send rare resources back to Crossroad Keep, then the resources will simply disappear.

Miscellaneous Tips

To detect enemies on the overland map, you'll need spot or listen. To avoid enemies on the overland map, you'll need move silently or hide. In both cases, the game will use the higher of the two skill levels.

When killing animals for bounties, it's important to remember two things. First, it's random how many creatures you'll face and if they'll drop a bounty item, so you should save your game before attacking them. Second, if you join in a fight with creatures and a patrol, then you'll face double the number of creatures. That will give you twice as many chances at a bounty item (good) but you'll receive far less xp for defeating them (bad).

You'll only be able to rest at inns and on the overland map. Stones of Alarm never seem to work, so don't buy them.

You'll find different objects on the overland map depending on the skills of your selected character. Just about every skill is represented, so once you've explored the map with one character, you might want to try it with another character to see if you discover anything new.