Side Quests: Volo's Quests (Act I)

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You'll receive these quests from Volo (#1) once you've completed the quests Job Application and Unnerving Evidence for Sa'Sani (also at #1).


Volo will give you four things to do during Act I. He'll give you three quests -- Pretty Bird, Sightseeing, and Local Delicacy -- and he'll also ask you to explore Samargol and report your findings back to him so he'll be able to make his next guide more "vivid." You won't actually receive a quest for the latter, but you will get rewards for your work.


To help Volo out, you'll just need to visit the various locations of Samarach. Each time you visit one, when you return to Volo, you'll be able to tell him about it. Then once you've reported on enough locations, you'll gain (and upgrade) a special feat. These rewards are listed below:
  • After 5 locations, you'll gain the Tourist feat (+1 search).

  • After 10 locations, you'll replace the Tourist feat with the Wanderer feat (+1 search, +1 spot).

  • After 15 locations, you'll replace the Wanderer feat with the Wayfarer feat (+1 search, +1 spot, +1 listen).
You'll only be able to report on 15 locations in Act I.

Pretty Bird

Volo will tell you that he's heard of a strange talking bird called a "pair-rot," and he'll ask you to purchase one for him. When you visit the market in Samargol, you'll discover that Vadin'ya has such a bird, but she'll refuse to sell it to you. Instead, she'll tell you that "the dark market to the southeast" (#2) has exotic pets for sale, and she'll offer to make you a trade.

There are two places where you can find a trade item suitable for Vadin'ya:
  • The Underdark Black Market. Xo'rill will sell you a Caged Glacier Snake for about 500 gp. If you kill the mindflayers in the market, then Xo'rill will drop the snake, and you'll get it for free.

  • The Overland Map. If your trap crafting skill is high enough, then near the Waterfall Cave (#3) you'll discover a corollax nest, and from it you'll gain a Corollax Egg.
After exchanging pets with Vadin'ya, when you give Volo the Caged Parrot, he'll reward you with 800 xp and 3000 gp.


Volo will ask you to pick up an artifact from the Ruined Temple located in the jungle to the north of Samargol (#4). You'll have to battle some yuan-ti holy guardians and some spider constructs when you get to the temple, but in a bookshelf near the entrance you'll find a Ruin Fragment. When you bring the fragment back to Volo, he'll reward you with 600 xp, 1400 gp, and The Simbul's Sly Smile.

Local Delicacy

Volo will tell you that he's heard of a creature called a "dino-saur," and he'll ask you to fetch some meat from one so he can find out what it tastes like to eat. After the conversation, a Megaraptor will appear on the overland map -- near the Waterfall Cave (#3) again -- and when you kill it you'll pick up a Dinosaur Steak from its remains. When you bring the steak to Volo, he'll reward you with 600 xp and 1500 gp.

1 - Samargol

2 - Underdark Black Market

3 - Waterfall Cave

4 - Ruined Temple


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