Main Quest: Missing Associates

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The first time you approach Sa'Sani (in Samargol), you'll overhear a conversation between her, Volo and Nas'Sirin. They'll mention "the Keep" and somebody named Il'foss. Then when you talk to Sa'Sani, you'll trigger this quest.


Although you'll receive this quest in Act I, you won't be able to do anything with it until Act II when you arrive at Crossroad Keep. Then Sa'Sani will suggest that you visit Neverwinter and question the three main merchant cartels there -- the Circle of Friends, the Forgotten Lords, and the Fated Winds -- to see if they know anything about her missing associates, Il'foss and Kizu.

Note: The first time you arrive at Neverwinter, you'll be stopped by a gate guard and forced to purchase a temporary entry pass for 200 gp (otherwise you won't be allowed inside). You'll get a permanent pass when you join one of the cartels.

When you enter the Temple of Waukeen (Exit A), you'll meet Alanna (#8) near the entrance. She'll tell you about the temple and the three cartels. The Circle of Friends is a good and charitable cartel, the Forgotten Lords is a moderate cartel, and the Fated Winds is an evil and greedy cartel. To join a cartel, you'll need to talk to its representative (#11, #12, and #13) and pay him 250 trade bars. This will put you on the lowest rung of the cartel, but you'll gain a permanent Neverwinter Entry Pass, so at least you won't have to pay to enter the city any more.

Note: When you join one cartel, you won't be allowed to join the others.

Another Note: If you don't have enough trade bars to join a cartel, then you should complete the quest Sword Coast Trader and create some trading caravans. After adventuring for a while, when you talk to Variel at Crossroad Keep, she'll give you your profits from the caravans, which should far exceed 250 trade bars.

Despite their differing philosophies, the campaign will proceed about the same for all three cartels. Here are the differences that we've noticed:
After joining a cartel, when you ask its representative about Il'foss and Kizu, he'll point you to Jordan Wright in the Headquarters of the Fated Winds (#13). However, when you talk to Wright, he'll tell you to mind your own business, and you won't learn anything from him. When you report this bit of information to Sa'Sani (at Crossroad Keep), she'll ask you to continue infiltrating the cartel, to see if you can learn anything else.

Back at your cartel headquarters, you'll need to pay the representative even more trade bars to advance. You'll have to pay 1000 trade bars for the first rank and then 2000 trade bars each for the second and third ranks. If you don't have enough trade bars, then you can ask the representative for work. Depending on your status with the cartel, you can receive four quests: Sating the Sensate, The Trading Post, Under New Management, and Shortage. Each quest will directly or indirectly supply you with trade bars.

To advance this quest, you'll have to gain one rank with your cartel, and you'll have to complete the quests Shortage and The Meeting. At that point, you'll learn that Jordan Wright of the Fated Winds is involved with the yuan-ti. When you inform Sa'Sani of this, she'll tell you that "by coincidence" she's just received a missive from Il'foss and Kizu requesting a meeting, and she'll ask you to attend in her place.

You'll find Il'foss and Kizu at the Night's Rest Inn located to the southeast of Crossroad Keep. They'll reveal themselves -- as well as Sa'Sani -- as being yuan-ti, but then they'll divulge that while they started out working for Sa'Sani, they now follow Zehir, and that while they had hoped for Sa'Sani to stumble into their trap, they'll settle for you.

Il'foss and Kizu (and a couple of tavern patrons) will then attack you, but the battle against them should not prove to be difficult. When you loot their remains, you'll find Kizu's Short Sword, an Emerald Stave, and more. You'll also receive 1800 xp.

1 - Thayan Enclave

Inside the enclave you'll meet two people: a merchant, who will sell you a variety of items, including spell scrolls and recipes, and Akila, who will give you the quest A Knot in the Weave.

2 - Sir Nevalle

You'll either find Sir Nevalle somewhere in the courtyard or inside the Wailing Wench Tavern (#4). He's involved in the quests The Trading Post, Price of a Song, and Think of the Children.

3 - Lady Jeanelle

Jeanelle is involved in the quest Price of a Song.

4 - The Wailing Wench Tavern

Inside the tavern, you'll meet Grykk Bannersworn, a half-orc paladin. He'll join you as a companion if he likes you or if you pay him 1000 gp. You might also run into Sir Nevalle (#2) near the bar.

5 - Trading Post

You'll need to complete the quest The Trading Post to gain access to this building.

6 - Phineas the Sensate

Phineas is involved in the quest Sating the Sensate.

7 - The Overlook

Despite being labeled on your map, nothing will actually happen here.

8 - Alanna

Alanna will introduce you to the Temple of Waukeen and the three merchant cartels stationed inside.

9 - Belueth the Calm

Belueth is a mercenary. If you pay her 3000-5000 gp, then she'll agree to join you as a companion.

10 - Manycoins Eramus

Eramus will heal your wounds for free. He's also involved in the quest Think of the Children.

11 - Headquarters of the Circle of Friends

You'll meet Jon Archer here.

12 - Headquarters of the Forgotten Lords

You'll meet Aster Merris here.

13 - Headquarters of the Fated Winds

You'll meet Martin Keller and Jordan Wright here.

  1. Entrance to the Temple of Waukeen.
  2. World exit.