Main Quest: Sabotage

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Sa'Sani (in Samargol) will give you this quest when you return to her after picking up the Distilled Toxin from Dall at the Lantanese Lumber Camp.


Sa'Sani will ask you to locate somebody who might know more about the poison. You'll find that somebody -- Vadin'ya -- in the Samargol market. Vadin'ya will recognize the poison as chokemist, and she'll tell you two important things about it: that the poison does not last long, meaning that it must have been harvested somewhere nearby, and that the assassin must regularly imbibe the poison to withstand it, meaning that you'll probably find the assassin nearby as well.

After your conversation with Vadin'ya, the Chokemist Cave will appear on the overland map to the west of Samargol. Inside, you'll meet Luaire (#1), who will reveal that he's a yuan-ti -- and then attack you. The battle with Luaire shouldn't be very difficult. He'll summon some corrupted spiders to help him out, but they should go down quickly, and Luaire won't be able to survive for long with your entire party against him. When Luaire dies, he'll drop an Amulet of Natural Armor +1, a Saboteur's Stiletto, Dragon Bile, and an Emerald.

When you return to Sa'Sani, you'll earn 1000 xp for your work, but Sa'Sani will be alarmed, because having a yuan-ti in your employ is bad news in Samarach. And in fact, right after your conversation with Sa'Sani, a Samarachan Captain will come up to her and kick her out of Samargol, and you'll receive the Wanted feat. But don't worry; despite the description of the feat, you'll still be able to visit Samargol and the other Samarachan towns just like before.

1 - Luaire

  1. World exit.