Overview: Sword Coast, Samarach and Chult (Act III)

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1 - Viper Temple

This temple is where you'll find Sa'Sani in the quest Sa'Sani's Disappearance. You'll need to go through the temple to travel between Samarach (the southern side of the map) and Chult (the northern side of the map).

2 - Foreign Temple (Chult Side)

This temple is involved in the quest Fixing a Hole. You'll be able to use it to travel to the Sword Coast (#12) and visit the Hotenow Cave (#13) and the Forgotten Crypt (#14).

3 - Mine

Inside this mine you'll meet some dwarven miners. If you talk to them, then they'll just tell you to leave. If you attack them, then you'll find a Flail +3 and a Breastplate +3 on the remains of the foreman, and you'll find a bunch of good gems in a chest.

4 - Ruin

If you have a high enough lore skill, then you'll be able to read an inscription at the ruin, but you won't be able to do anything else there, and the location won't lead to anything.

5 - Destroyed Temple

You won't be allowed to enter the temple, but around it you'll find evidence of a battle, and if your search skill is high enough, then you'll find three Potions of Cure Critical Wounds, plus a pair of divine spell scrolls.

6 - Abandoned Camp

If you have a character who can track, then you'll notice yuan-ti and human footprints leaving the camp together. You won't be allowed to enter the camp.

7 - Yuan-Ti Temple

Inside the temple you'll face off against a yuan-ti diabolist and a collection of devils, erinyes, and imps. After defeating them, if you loot the chest in the back of the temple, then you'll find a Ring of Major Fire Resistance and some gems.

8 - Barrow

You'll encounter four ogre mages in the barrow, and they won't be happy to see you. After dispatching them, you'll find a Warmace +3, a Greataxe +3, Hide Armor +3, and 4500 gp.

9 - Zecorian's Demesne

You'll need to have a character skilled in spellcraft to enter the tower. Inside, in the first two levels, you'll find traps, dread wraiths, hellfury skeletons (which will explode when you kill them), and a floating skull (which you won't be able to so anything with), but you won't find much in the way of loot.

But on the third level you'll encounter Zecorian and two vampire lords. The battle with them can be difficult depending on your level and your gear. If you have trouble with it, then feel free to exit the level whenever you take too much damage so that you can heal or resurrect your wounded (the enemies won't follow you). You can also exit the tower completely if you need to rest.

When you defeat Zecorian and the vampire lords, you'll find a Halberd +4, a Morningstar +4, a Ring of Major Fire Resistance, a Ring of Divine Power (5), a Ring of Protection +4, Chainmail +4, and Bracers of Armor +8 on their remains.

10 - Ruined Shrine

This shrine will appear totally empty when you enter it, but if you have a character with a high enough search skill (and remember to turn it on), then in the back you'll discover a chest with a Periapt of Wisdom +6 and more in it.

11 - Temple of the World Serpent

This temple is involved in the quest The Fall of House Se'Sehen.

12 - Foreign Temple (Sword Coast Side)

13 - Hotenow Cave

You'll meet King Karagg and several fire giants in the cave. If you stay peaceful with them, then nothing will happen. If you attack them, then you'll find lots of good stuff when you loot their remains and the containers in the cave: Boots of the Mountain King, Breath of the Maiden, a Scythe +3, a Halberd +3, two enchantment recipes (Recipe: AC Bonus Enchantment +4 and Recipe: Weapon Enhancement Bonus +3), and four item recipes (for Ring of Major Cold Resistance, Belt of Strength +6, Ring of Protection +3, and Boots of Hardiness +3).

14 - Forgotten Crypt

Inside the crypt you'll encounter lots of powerful undead creatures, including shadows, mummies, and a death knight. When you loot their remains and the sarcophagi in the crypt, you'll find a Ring of Greater Cold Resistance, Tempertuppin's Ever-Thrower, a Staff of Valmaxian, Lawgiver, and several gems.