Main Quest: Into Samargol

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You'll receive this quest at Omgar's Teeth, when you're arrested for entering Samarach illegally.


When you arrive at Samargol, the guards will ponder what to do with you, but then the merchant Sa'Sani will show up and get everyone off the hook. During the ensuring conversation, Sa'Sani will recommend that you rest and recuperate at Leira's Trick (#1), and then visit her at her house (#9) to discuss a business matter.

When you finally visit with Sa'Sani, she'll offer you employment, which you'll have to accept. This will result in you receiving three new quests: Unnerving Evidence (where you'll need to investigate possible sabotage against the Vigilant), Job Application (where you'll need to recover some of Sa'Sani's lost cargo), and Missing Associates (which you won't be able to complete for a long time). To help you out, Sa'Sani will give you 2000-2500 gp and Sa'Sani's Signet.

Before rushing off to do Sa'Sani's bidding, you should take the time to explore the town. You'll find some shopkeepers (#6, #7), some quest givers (#5, #7), and some potential companions (#5, #8). Then when you're ready to leave, you should head through the main gate (Exit W), which will now be open. That will put you on the overland map, and you'll just need to travel south to return to the shipwreck.

1 - Leira's Trick

Leira's Trick is a tavern and an inn. Inside you'll find a party armoire (where you can store items) and a guest book (where you can adjust your party). You'll also meet Tanerieh, the innkeeper. She'll let you rest for free the first time you talk to her, but after that it will cost you 50 gp each time.

2 - Gate

You'll never be allowed through this gate.

3 - Crafting Stations

Inside this building you'll find a blacksmith's workbench, an alchemist's workbench, and a magician's workbench. You'll also find a trunk containing several recipes.

4 - Shrine of Waukeen

The cleric inside the shrine will heal you, raise your dead, and sell you some items, including recipes.

5 - Bounty Collector Kwesi / Inshula sar Mashewe

You'll meet a pair of sisters here. Inshula sar Mashewe is a human ranger. She'll tell you that she's hunting the boar Bal-alak. If you pay Inshula 300-500 gp, then she'll agree to leave her sister behind and join you. If you have a human ranger in your party already, then you might want to pay Inshula's fee just to get her equipment: Inshula's Armor and Inshula's Preyhunter.

Note: Despite the fact that Inshula is wielding a crossbow, she is specialized in two-weapon fighting.

Meanwhile, Bounty Collector Kwesi will offer you some bounties on the animals in the neighborhood around Samargol, and she'll give you a reward in gold each time you complete them. These bounties are listed here. Kwesi will also give you a Bounty Satchel to store animal parts in, but you probably won't want to use it. If your game is unpatched, then animal parts will go into the satchel automatically, but you won't be able to take them back out. If your game is patched, then you'll have to put the animal parts into the satchel manually, but they won't stack properly. Since animal parts are weightless, it's easier just to designate somebody in your party as your bounty character, and let him or her carry all of the parts.

6 - Merchant Irim Mendar

7 - Vadin'ya / Atriuk

You'll meet the merchant Vadin'ya and her bodyguard Atriuk here. After joining up with Sa'Sani (#9), when you talk to Vadin'ya she'll give you a series of quests, starting with Plainsrunner.

8 - Umoja / Yushai

Umoja is a human druid, and Yushai is his dinosaur companion. If you ask Umoja to join you, then he will, free of charge. If you don't ask Umoja to join you, then he'll stay where he is, and he'll offer to heal you each time you talk to him.

If you add Umoja to your party, then you'll gain access to Umoja's Armor and Umoja's Harvester, which are usable by good-aligned human druids.

9 - Sa'Sani's Courtyard

You'll meet five people in the courtyard: Volo, Luaire, Nas'Sirin, Osi Tchaluka, and Sa'Sani. When you talk to Sa'Sani, you'll enter her employ, and you'll trigger three quests: Unnerving Evidence, Job Application, and Missing Associates. Sa'Sani will also give you 2000-2500 gp and Sa'Sani's Signet.

You won't be able to do anything with the other people in the courtyard until after you've completed Sa'Sani's quests. Then you'll get some quests, and Osi will turn into a shopkeeper.

  1. World exit.