Side Quest: A Knot in the Weave

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You'll meet Akila in the Thayan Compound in Neverwinter (#1). He'll give you this quest when you ask him about the glowing ball in his workshop.


Akila will explain that the ball is an arcane nexus -- "a gathering in the fabric of the Weave." He'll then go on to tell you that he's been studying such nexuses, and he'll ask you to search for more of them and record information about them using Arcane Attenuators.

There are ten locations where you can find nexuses:
  • Arcane Brotherhood Outpost (#3).
  • Banite Enclave (#5).
  • Burial Barrow (#7).
  • Forktongue Bandit Hideout (#4).
  • Parrum's Rock (#6).
  • Pirate Cove (#2).
  • Ruins (#9).
  • Shadow Cult (#8).
  • Singing Caverns (#10).
  • Tempest's Fury (#11).
Each time you use an attenuator on a nexus (by right-clicking on it, selecting the activate option, and then left-clicking on the nexus), you'll create a Charged Arcane Attenuator. When you bring a charged attenuator to Akila, he'll allow you to loot one of the chests in his workshop (where you'll find Thayan Learning Scrolls worth 1000 xp each), and he'll give you a new Arcane Attenuator. As you progress in the quest, Akila will also increase the quality of the items sold by the merchant in the front of the enclave, and at some point he'll even drop some recipes for you by the merchant.

Halfway through the quest (after three charged attenuators), you'll receive the Researcher feat, which will add +2 to your spellcraft skill. Then at the completion of the quest (after six charged attenuators), you'll receive the Master Researcher feat, which will add +4 to your spellcraft skill. Akila will also reward you with 1700 xp.

After completing the quest, Akila will tell you that he'll need time to analyze the readings, and you won't be able to do anything more with him until Act III.

1 - Neverwinter

2 - Pirate Cove

3 - Arcane Brotherhood Outpost

4 - Forktongue Bandit Hideout

5 - Banite Enclave

6 - Parrum's Rock

7 - Burial Barrow

8 - Shadow Cult

9 - Ruins

10 - Singing Caverns

11 - Tempest's Fury