Side Quests: Nil's Bounties
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After completing the quest Local Troubles, Nil Sheafrustle (in the Lantanese Lumber Camp) will give you a series of bounties to complete. These bounties are listed below:
  1. 13 Giant Spider Venom Sacs from Giant Spiders (EL 5). Reward: 900 gp.
  2. 8 Stag Beetle Shells from Stag Beetles (EL 7). Reward: 1150 gp.
  3. 10 Dinosaur Claws from Deinonychus (EL 8). Reward: 1250 gp.
  4. 5 Will-O'-Wisp Glamers from Will-O'-Wisps (EL 9). Reward: 1500 gp and a Spherelight.
  5. 2 Wyvern Stingers from Wyverns (EL 9). Reward: 1750 gp.
You'll also need Giant Spider Venom Sacs and Dinosaur Claws for Kwesi's Bounties.