Side Quest: Under New Management

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During the quest Missing Associates, you'll have to join one of the merchant cartels in Neverwinter. Afterwards, if you ask the representative of the cartel (in the Temple of Waukeen) if he has any work for you, then this is one of the quests he'll give you.


The representative will tell you that Port Llast has been taken over by the armies of Luskan (which might be good or bad depending on your cartel), and that the town has stopped trading with the outside world (which all of the cartels will agree is bad). The representative will then ask you to head over to Port Llast (located along the coast north of Neverwinter) and take care of the problem.

When you arrive in Port Llast, the citizens will freely discuss the town's problems with you, but to advance the quest you'll need to visit Rynn Shepherde in the garrison building (#2). He'll tell you that Port Llast currently has two problems that are preventing it from doing any trading -- "a rash of storms" and "undead assaults" -- and he'll ask you to help out. If you agree, then you'll receive two quests: The Wrath of Umberlee and Army of the Dead.

To complete this quest, you'll need to open up at least one of Port Llast's trade routes. Completing The Wrath of Umberlee will open up the sea route, and completing Army of the Dead will open up the land route. Of course, you should go ahead and complete both quests even though only one is required. Completing one quest will allow you to trade with the Port Llast (and gain access to knucklehead ivory), but completing both will allow you to construct a trade outpost in Port Llast, which is always good thing.

You might also need to do something about the Luskans. The Circle of Friends will require that you kill them, the Fated Winds will encourage you to leave them in place, and the Forgotten Lords won't care. If you decide to kill the Luskans, then you'll find some minor loot on their corpses, and Haeromos Dethwintyl (#2) will return to power and reward you with a Sigil of the Last Port. You'll also receive the feat Neverwinter Patriot (+1 diplomacy). If you leave the Luskans in power, then you won't get a reward, and everything will remain the same.

Note: For the best reward, you should turn in the quest Army of the Dead to Rynn, then defeat the Luskans, and then turn in the quest The Wrath of Umberlee to Haeromos. That way you'll receive both the Sigil of the Last Port and the Seal of Illusk.

When you return to your cartel representative, you'll receive 1400 xp. Depending on your cartel and what you did with the Luskans, you might also receive 1000 trade bars. The Forgotten Lords and Circle of Friends will always pay you, but the Fated Winds will only pay you if you left the Luskans in power.

1 - Parzeeche

Parzeeche is a merchant. He'll sell you gems, recipes, traps and more.

2 - Garrison Building

3 - Septimund

You'll first see Septimund in the garrison building (#2), arguing with Rynn Shepherde about how to deal with the undead threat. Then he'll move over to this location, where he'll talk to you. To learn more about Septimund, please see the quest Septimund.

4 - Nya

You'll first meet Nya at Gothaladreum during the quest Army of the Dead. If you convince her to give up necromancy and also drive the Luskans out of Port Llast, then she'll show up here and become a shopkeeper. For that case you'll be able to buy a variety of items from her, including rings and gems.

5 - Alliance Arms Inn

Inside the inn you'll meet Eommar, who will give you some background information on the undead attacks.

6 - The Platinum Pride

The Platinum Pride is the ship the Luskans used when invading Port Llast. You won't be able to do anything with it -- other than sink it during the quest The Wrath of Umberlee. If you attack the Luskans and the ship is still at the dock, then you'll face a cleric and some buccaneers as well as the Luskan soldiers patrolling the streets.

  1. World exit.