Side Quest: Into the Salt Mines

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You'll receive this quest from Essien (in Torich).


When you talk to Essien, he'll tell you that firenewts have invaded the Mines of Selgol (located to the southeast), and that the soldiers aren't doing anything about it. If you try questioning the soldiers nearby, they won't have much to say to you.

Inside the mines, you'll encounter a lot of firenewts (#3), including a firenewt overlord (#5). If you're level 10 or higher then you probably won't have any trouble with them. Otherwise, you should proceed carefully and perhaps leave the mines every so often so you can rest on the overland map.

Note: The overlord will drop a Greataxe of Flame, which you'll need for Vadin'ya's quest Heavy Weaponry.

When you return to Essien after clearing out the firenewts, he'll reward you with 600 xp, and he and his men will get back to work in the mines. As a result, Torich will start producing salt as a resource that you can trade.

Note: All of the towns of Samarach will buy and sell salt for the same price, so you won't be able to make a profit on it until Act II.

1 - Bookcase

Inside the bookcase you'll find a Light Hammer +1 and some gems.

2 - Armoire

You'll find a Lens of Detection and more in the armoire.

3 - Firenewt Battles

You'll battle groups of firenewts at these locations.

4 - Skeleton

You'll find a few spell scrolls on the skeleton.

5 - Overlord Flamespar

The overlord will drop Chainmail +1, a Snaketongue Amulet, a Greataxe of Flame, and more when he dies. You'll need the greataxe for the quest Heavy Weaponry.

  1. World exit.