Main Quest: Shortage

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During the quest Missing Associates, you'll have to join one of the merchant cartels in Neverwinter (#1). After advancing in rank, if you ask the representative of the cartel (in the Temple of Waukeen) if he has any work for you, then this is one of the quests that he'll give you.


The representative will tell you that that New Leaf (#2) has suffered a severe "economic setback," and he'll ask you to investigate the problem and remedy it. When you visit the tavern in New Leaf, you'll meet the town's quartermaster. He won't tell you much about what's going on, but if you press him then he'll suggest that "maybe you can find what you're looking for outside our town."

When you leave New Leaf, you'll constantly be attacked by groups of (EL 9) bandits, and they'll see you no matter how well you can hide. However, the bandits will drop Serpent Figurines when they die, and you'll be able to use these figurines to locate the bandit hideout. The figurines will start out by glowing "dimly," but as you get closer to the hideout they'll start glowing "moderately" and then "blindingly bright."

Note: The bandits will also drop lots of magical ammunition. So if you're in need, feel free to hang out near New Leaf and stock up.

You'll find the Forktongue Bandit Hideout directly to the south of New Leaf (Exit A). Inside, you'll be attacked by a bunch of Forktongue bandits, including the bandit leader Mikul (#3). The bandits won't drop anything noteworthy, but if you loot the two chests in the back room (#4), then you'll find a Sickle +2, a Chain Shirt +3, a Dagger +2, Studded Leather Armor +3, and 198 Acid Arrows.

After dispatching the bandits, when you return to the New Leaf quartermaster (#2), he'll thank you for killing Mikul, but nothing else will happen. To complete the quest, you'll need to return to your cartel representative in Neverwinter (#1). The representative will reward you with 1800 xp, and he'll give you the quest The Meeting.

1 - Neverwinter

2 - New Leaf

3 - Mikul

4 - Chests

Inside of these two chests you'll find a Sickle +2, a Chain Shirt +3, a Dagger +2, Studded Leather Armor +3, and 198 Acid Arrows.

5 - Arcane Nexus

You'll need to visit arcane nexuses for the quest A Knot in the Weave.

  1. Entrance to the Forktongue Bandit Hideout.
  2. World exit.