Side Quest: Price of a Song
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You'll receive this quest from a bard named Finch, who you'll meet in just about every tavern in the Sword Coast.


Finch will tell you that because of a "misunderstanding" involving a nobleman, his wife, and a Lantanese timepiece, he's no longer welcome in Neverwinter, and he'll ask you to help him out. That is, he'll ask you to acquire for him an entry pass.

When you reach Neverwinter, you'll learn that Sir Nevalle (who you'll find either in the city courtyard or in the Wailing Wench Tavern) is in charge of entry passes. However, when you ask him about Finch, he'll tell you that he won't discuss the situation with you yet because you don't have a pass yourself. You'll gain a pass during the quest Missing Associates.

When you return to Nevalle, he'll tell you that he can't give a pass to anybody who has been accused of theft, and he'll direct you to Lady Jeanelle, the nobleman's wife (who you'll find just outside the Wailing Wench Tavern). Jeanelle will immediately realize that her husband trumped up the charges, and she'll ask you to speak to Nevalle for her. "Neverwinter shouldn't be deprived of such sweet music because my husband is a jealous idiot."

When you return to Nevalle this time, he'll agree to allow Finch back into the city. When you relay this information to Finch, he'll thank you for your help, and he'll reward you with 1200 xp. Then when you next visit your merchant headquarters (in Crossroad Keep), you'll find Finch there, and he'll offer to join your party.