Overview: The Sword Coast (Act II)

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1 - Crypt

This is where you'll start out in the act. You'll have to battle a necromancer and a pair of skeletons, but between them and the crypt's sarcophagi, you'll find Armor of Comfort, a Shield of the Watch, and more. See the quest entry for Northward Bound for more information.

2 - Swamp Cave

You'll encounter three hags and a troll in the cave. Also, in the back, you'll find a trapped lockbox containing three recipes (for Amulet of Will +3, Ring of Major Acid Resistance, and Amulet of Natural Armor +3) and more.

3 - Leilon

You'll meet a bard named Finch in Leilon's tavern (and in just about every other tavern as well). He'll give you the quest Price of a Song. You'll also be able to buy adamantine in Leilon.

4 - Dragon Caves

The caves are involved in the quest Dragon Hunt. You'll also need to visit the caves for the quest The Goodwife's Shawl.

5 - West Harbor

You'll meet some quest givers, shopkeepers, and even a possible companion in West Harbor. See the quest entry for Dragon Hunt for more information. Eventually, you'll be able to purchase Dragon Mead or Harbor Mead from West Harbor.

6 - Swamp Cult

This location is involved in the quest Whispers in the Marsh.

7 - Shadow Cult

This location is involved in the quest Shadows Fading.

8 - Phandalin

You'll receive the quest The Cold Iron Mining Company from Danley in Phandalin's tavern. Eventually, you'll be able to purchase cold iron from Phandalin.

9 - Phandalin Cold Iron Mines

The mines are involved in the quest The Cold Iron Mining Company.

10 - Highcliff

You'll be able to buy mithral from Highcliff.

11 - Crossroad Keep

Crossroad Keep will be your base of operations for the act. You'll find quest givers, shopkeepers, and potential companions inside. See the quest entry for The Next Step for more information.

12 - Night's Rest Inn

This inn is involved in the quest Missing Associates.

13 - Crystal Cave

This cave is involved in the quest Protection Money.

14 - Log Cabin

This cabin is involved in the quest The Bards' Tale.

15 - Cabin

Inside this cabin you'll meet Skullcrusher. If you listen to all of his stories and ask him for advice, then he'll give you his mace Brainscrambler. If you tell him that "any path is a risk," and pass a diplomacy check, then he'll also give you a scroll of Raise Dead.

If you're rude to Skullcrusher, or if you ask him if his cabin contains anything valuable, or if you attempt to open his chest, then he'll summon five ivory shieldmaidens, and he'll attack you. But between Skullcrusher and the chest, you'll find the Cadorna Family Sword, Studded Leather Armor +3, a Longbow +2, an Amulet of Natural Armor +2, a Cloak of Protection vs Evil, a Ring of Freedom of Movement, a Belt of Frost Giant Strength, an Ivory Horn of Valhalla, and more.

16 - Elven Tower

You won't be able to enter the tower. Instead, you'll only be able to meditate at it for the Group Trance teamwork feat.

17 - Worg Cave

This cave is involved in the quest The Enraged Worgs.

18 - Thundertree

You'll be able to buy zalantar in Thundertree.

19 - Eldreth Veluuthra Camp

You'll meet some elven rangers in the camp, but they won't be happy to see you, and they'll automatically attack you. When you loot the corpses and containers in the camp, you'll find some (random) magical ammunition and more.

20 - Burial Barrow

When you enter the barrow, you'll be attacked by ghasts and a wight. You'll find some coffins and sarcophagi in the barrow, but when you click on any of them, you'll be attacked by a pair of vampires. Assuming you survive these battles, then when you loot the burial containers you'll find three recipes (for Gloves of Dexterity +6, Ring of Major Fire Resistance, and Headband of Intellect +6), Boots of Reflexes +2, and Lathar's Last Belt. You'll also find an arcane nexus in the barrow, which you'll need to visit for the quest A Knot in the Weave.

21 - Conyberry

You'll receive the quest Parrum's Rock from Jesentus Parr in the tavern here. After completing the quest, you'll be able to purchase darksteel from Conyberry.

22 - Parrum's Rock

This location is involved in the quest Parrum's Rock.

23 - Abandoned Mine

You'll be attacked by a group of duergar in the mine. They'll drop a Heavy Crossbow +2, some gems, and some gold. You'll also discover a locked chest in the back of the mine. Inside you'll find seven "deadly" trap recipes.

24 - Banite Enclave

This location is involved in the quest Banite Enclave.

25 - Hunting Cabin

When you enter the cabin, you'll be attacked by a Malarite druid and several dire creatures. You won't find much on their corpses, or on the corpses of the hunters who presumably originally lived in the cabin, but you will find a recipe for Ring of Major Cold Resistance in a bookshelf in the back.

26 - Illefarn Ruin

You'll be attacked by a group of drow in the ruin, and you'll find Full Plate +2 and a Cloak of Resistance +2 on their corpses.

27 - Ruined Keep

Inside the keep, you'll find four gargoyles in the first room and a broken bookcase in the second room. If you loot the bookcase, then you'll find three item recipes (for Amulet of Health +6, Cloak of Resistance +5, and Bracers of Armor +3) and two enchantment recipes (Recipe: Spell Resistance and Recipe: AC Bonus Enchantment +3). If you bash the bookcase, then you'll find a locked and trapped chest containing another item recipe (for Ring of Freedom of Movement), plus a Ring of Hiding and the mace Az'zurix Everflame. But if you loot the chest, then the gargoyles in the first room will come to life and attack you.

28 - Neverwinter

You'll find shopkeepers, quest givers, potential companions and more in Neverwinter. See the quest entry for Missing Associates for more information.

29 - Pirate Cove

Without surprise, you'll encounter a bunch of pirates inside the cove, including Captain Blunderbuss and his crew in the back chamber. No matter what you say to them, the pirate crew will attack you, although the navigator might teleport away if you intimidate or bluff them. After the battle, when you loot the chests and bodies in the chamber, you'll find Bracers of Armor +2, a Shortbow +2, a Rapier +2, Talos' Fury, and more. We've also heard that you can find Chef Gronk's Tenderizer here (which makes sense given that Chef Gronk is one of the pirates), but it never dropped for us.

You'll also find an arcane nexus in the cove. It's involved in the quest A Knot in the Weave.

30 - Port Llast

Port Llast is involved in the quests Under New Management, The Wrath of Umberlee, Army of the Dead, and Septimund. Completing either The Wrath of Umberlee or Amy of the Dead will allow you to trade with Port Llast and purchase knucklehead ivory.

31 - Priory of the Depths

The priory is involved in the quest The Wrath of Umberlee.

32 - Gothaladreum

This graveyard is involved in the quest Army of the Dead.

33 - Arcane Brotherhood Outpost

On the main floor of the outpost, you'll have to battle Luskan pirates and Hosttower apprentices, but you'll find a Ring of Wizardry (1). On the upper floor, you'll have to fight Luskan berserkers, a Luskan pirate captain, and Hosttower wizards, but you'll find Enduring Vestments, a Ring of Resistance +3, a Luskan Battlemage's Rapier, an arcane nexus, and over 10,000 gp. You'll need to visit arcane nexuses for the quest A Knot in the Weave.

34 - Forgotten Ruin

Inside the ruin you'll encounter an iron golem, but you'll also find four chests containing Forgetful Robes, five recipes (for the "greater" resistance rings), some gems, and more.

35 - Malarite Hermit's Cave

You'll be attacked by a pair of dire bears and a mad hermit when you enter the cave. The hermit will drop a Battleaxe +3 and Scale Mail +3 when he dies, and you'll also find some spell scrolls and more in a chest in the hermit's bedroom.

36 - Gnoll Caves

You'll encounter a bunch of wimpy gnolls in these caves. The gnoll leader will drop a Flail +2 when he dies.

37 - Onyx Cave

Inside the cave you'll come to a locked onyx door. You won't be able to bash it or pick it open. If you examine the carving on the door, and if you have a high enough lore skill, then you'll recognize the symbol of the goddess Shar. If you read the inscription, then you'll notice the words "and in the darkness, lies the way."

To open up the door, you'll need a character who can cast the darkness spell. Darkness is both a divine and an arcane spell, available to bards, clerics, sorcerers, and wizards (the warlock version won't work), and so it should not be difficult to add a character with the spell to your party. Failing that, you can also open the door using a scroll of Darkness, which you can purchase from the Thayan merchant in Neverwinter.

Past the door, you'll run into some disciples of Shar. If you're proficient in the bluff skill, then you'll be able to fool the disciples into not attacking you, but if you try to explore too much of the cave then they'll attack you anyway, and so you might as well take them on right away. If you kill all of the disciples, then you'll gain the Slayer of Sharrans feat, and you'll find a Kama +2, a Morningstar +2, and Thundering Handwraps on their corpses.

In the rest of the cave system, you'll meet Ribsmasher (who you might remember from the OC) in a jail cell, and he'll become available as a companion. You'll also find a treasure room, and from the chests inside you'll be able to pick up a Sharpshadow Blade, an Adamantine Katana, a Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals, and more.

38 - Forktongue Bandit Hideout

This hideout is involved in the quest Shortage.

39 - New Leaf

This town is involved in the quest Shortage. You'll be able to purchase zalantar from New Leaf.