Main Quest: Missing Personnel

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Sa'Sani (in Samargol) will give you this quest once you've completed the quests Job Application and Unnerving Evidence.


Sa'Sani will ask you to look for Lastri Kassireh, the missing captain of the Vigilant, and she'll suggest that you search the wilderness near the shipwreck. You'll find Captain Lastri with the Stone Knives Tribe, in a cave to the southeast of the shipwreck.

When you enter the cave (Exit W), you'll be attacked by four batiri warriors, but then when you reach the main chamber (#2), you'll be given a choice -- to attack the remaining batiri, or to allow them to leave in peace. From what we can tell, this decision won't have any impact on the rest of the game, and so it'll just be a matter of choosing the reward that you like best:
  • If you let the batiri leave, then each character in your party will receive 750 xp, and the batiri chieftain will give you the key to Lastri's cage.

  • If you attack the batiri, then each character in your party will only receive about 100 xp, but you'll find the Shard of the Samarlogh, Leather Armor +1, a Ring of Protection +1, and the key to Lastri's cage on the chieftain's corpse.
Either way, when you open Lastri's cage (either by using the key, picking the lock, or breaking it open), Lastri will leave the cave and return to Samargol, where she'll begin hanging out in Leira's Trick. Then when you return to Samargol yourself, Sa'Sani will reward you with 1000 xp and 2000 gp.

Note: If you kill the batiri at the Shattered Spear Tribe and at the Stone Knives Tribe, then you'll receive the Bane of the Batiri feat. The feat doesn't do anything, though.

1 - Weapon Rack

Inside the weapon rack you'll find an Onyx Spear, a Kama +1, and more.

2 - Main Chamber

Inside the main chamber you'll encounter the last remnant of the Stone Knives Tribe, and also Lastri's cage and a crate. Inside the crate you'll find a Bastard Sword +1, Keening Reeds, and more.

  1. World exit.