Side Quest: Path of the Master
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After completing the quest Dragon Hunt (and siding with the humans), if you ask Goodwife Aruna (in West Harbor) what's new in town, she'll give you this quest.


Aruna will tell you that Quarrel (also in West Harbor) seems depressed. When you walk over to Quarrel, he'll finally have something to say to you, and during the ensuing conversation, he'll decide to travel to Crossroad Keep so that he can learn more about "the Great One" Ammon Jerro.

When you reach Crossroad Keep yourself, you'll find Quarrel in the keep interior. When you talk to him there, he'll decide that he needs follow in Ammon Jerro's footsteps, and he'll make himself available to join your party. You'll then earn 1100 xp, whether you actually add him to your party or not.