Main Quest: The Next Step

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You'll receive this quest from Sa'Sani after completing the quest Northward Bound.


When you first arrive in Crossroad Keep, you'll witness Sa'Sani and Khelgar Ironfist striking a deal, with Sa'Sani purchasing the use of the keep for her trading company. Then when you talk to Sa'Sani in your trading headquarters (#1), you'll complete the quest and earn 100-200 trade bars and 300 xp.

1 - Sa'Sani and Nas'Sirin

Sa'Sani will give you most of the main quests for the act. She'll also give you the side quest Protection Money.

2 - Variel

Variel is Sa'Sani's (#1) majordomo in the Sword Coast. She'll pay you your wages from the trading caravans (in trade bars), she'll convert trade bars into gp, and she'll provide you with ways to upgrade Crossroad Keep. The possible upgrades and their costs are listed below:
  • Greycloak Armor: 5 adamantine, 5 mithral
  • Greycloak Weapons: 5 cold iron, 5 zalantar
  • Portal: 5 adamantine, 5 darksteel
  • Propaganda: 5 ore, 5 skins, 5 timber
  • Shrine of Waukeen (#8): 5 mithral, 5 timber
You'll also need to "donate" some trade bars to Variel for each upgrade (7000 trade bars total), but each upgrade will increase the profits of your trade caravans, and they'll also net you 200 xp each.

3 - Crafting Workbenches

4 - Your Bedroom

Inside your bedroom you'll find an armoire, where you can safely store things, and a bed, where you can rest for free.

5 - Portal

At the start of the act, you'll only be able to use this portal to travel back to the Lantanese Lumber Camp in Samarach, and it will cost you 2000 gp. Later, after you've upgraded the portal (see #2), you'll also be able to use it to teleport to any of your trading posts in the Sword Coast, and this local transportation won't cost you a thing.

6 - Volo

Volo will give you the quests Researching Merchants and Researching Bandits, and he'll also continue to reward you for reporting on the strange and unusual locations that you discover.

7 - Caravan Master O'Dell

O'Dell will function as your "trading post" in Crossroad Keep. He'll help you set up and monitor trading caravans, and you'll have to go through him to see what resources you have stored at the keep.

8 - Shrine of Waukeen

If you build the shrine (see #2), then Lender Daija will move inside and become a shopkeeper. You'll then be able to buy some potions and recipes from her.

9 - Jacoby

Jacoby will offer you a selection of weapons and armor. When you first meet him, he'll have a nice enough selection (including recipes for +2 bonuses to weapons and armor), but then as you build trading posts in other cities, and as you gain ranks with a trading cartel (in Neverwinter), Jacoby will improve his wares, and he'll become the best shopkeeper in the game.

10 - Azahr

At this spot you'll meet Azahr and her group of bards. They won't have much to say to you when you first visit them, but later they'll rob the keep, and you'll have to track them down in the quest The Bards' Tale.

11 - Fariba

If you talk to Fariba, then she'll request a donation to help the less fortunate in Neverwinter. If you want to become more evil, then you can dismiss her and eventually "crush every bone in her hand." Otherwise, your response to Fariba won't affect anything, even if you donate 1000 gp.

12 - Phoenix Tail Inn

You'll meet three people of interest inside the inn:
  • Huldur. He's the innkeeper. If you successfully bluff him, then he'll give you some free Ale.

  • Lender Daija. She's a priestess of Waukeen, and eventually she'll take over the Shrine of Waukeen at the keep (#8). While she's in the tavern, she'll only be able to heal you.

  • Ulweth. He'll tell you that worgs are causing problems in the area, and then he'll leave to track them down. Later, you'll find his corpse in the Worg Cave (located to the north of Crossroad Keep).

13 - Orphanage

When you visit Neverwinter, you'll eventually be asked to find a new home for some displaced orphans, and this is one of their possible destinations. See the quest entry for Think of the Children for more information.

14 - Adventurer's Guild

When you first arrive at Crossroad Keep, the adventurer's guild will be closed, and you'll only be able to talk to Daerred out front. Shortly afterwards (we're not sure what triggers this; perhaps your level), Daerred will open the guild's doors, and you'll be able to go inside and train teamwork feats. You'll also be able to talk to Daerred and have him advance companions to the experience level of your main character (at a cost of 1gp for each xp).

15 - Alchemist's House

At some point during the act, you'll meet a man named Jaris in front of this house, and he'll give you the quest Nimble Fingers, Light Step.

16 - Keep Interior

The first time that you enter the keep, Soraevora Aeravand will pounce on you and try to convince you to add her to your party. If you've triggered the quest Path of the Master, then you might also find Quarrel in the keep, and he'll be available as a companion, too. Finally, you'll meet Khelgar Ironfist in the keep. He'll give you three quests: Recruitment Drive, Shadows Fading, and The Bards' Tale.

  1. World exit.