Main Quest: Northward Bound

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You'll receive this quest after completing the quest Sabotage, when Sa'Sani is kicked out of Samargol.


Sa'Sani will ask you to use the portal at the Lantanese Lumber Camp (located to the north of Samargol) and meet her at Crossroad Keep on the Sword Coast. When you get to the camp, you'll learn from Dall that Sa'Sani and her party have already gone through, and that the portal "should be perfectly safe -- mostly." Dall will prove to be right, because when you go through the portal you'll end up in a crypt (#1) rather than at Crossroad Keep, and you'll have to battle some skeletons and a necromancer (#2) to escape.

When you finally reach Crossroad Keep (located to the north of the crypt), you'll arrive just in time to witness a conversation between Sa'Sani and Khelgar Ironfist, where Sa'Sani will purchase the use of the keep for her trading company. This will make the keep your base of operations for the remainder of the campaign. Completing the conversation will also complete the quest, and earn you 600 xp.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Necromancer and Skeletons

The necromancer is annoying. He can fear you if you get too close, and he'll also try to curse you, so kill him as quickly as possible. When the necromancer dies, he'll drop a Potion of Invisibility.

3 - Sarcophagi

You'll discover four sarcophagi that you can loot in the crypt. Between them you'll find Armor of Comfort, a Shield of the Watch, and more.

  1. World exit.