Main Quest: The Meeting
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You'll receive this quest at the end of the quest Shortage, when you report in to your cartel representative (in Neverwinter) that you killed the bandit Mikul.


Your cartel representative will inform you that Mikul was connected to the Fated Winds, and he'll worry that if one cartel is linked to banditry, then all of them might lose their standing in Neverwinter. The representative will then ask you to attend a meeting of the cartels in Conyberry, where Jordan Wright, the leader of the Fated Winds, will explain what Mikul was doing.

When you arrive in Conyberry, you'll find Jon Archen (of the Circle of Friends), Aster Merris (of the Forgotten Lords), and Martin Keller (of the Fated Winds) already there. A few seconds later, Wright will show up, and he'll announce that humanity is weak and that "a new wind is coming" -- somebody or something named Zehir. Wright will then keel over dead, and several yuan-ti abominations and holy guardians will enter the tavern and attack you. But the yuan-ti will all show up in the same place (by the door), and so it should only take about five seconds to wipe them out with area-effect spells. When the last yuan-ti dies, you'll complete the quest and earn 1900 xp.

Note: You'll be able to talk to Wright during his discourse, agreeing or disagreeing with some of his conclusions. As far as we can tell, what you say won't affect anything.

Another Note: After completing the quest, (EL 13) assassins will start appearing on the overland map, but unlike the bandits from the quest Shortage, you'll be able to hide from them if you want. The assassins won't drop much, but they'll provide fairly nice xp.