Side Quest: Sword Coast Trader

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Sa'Sani will give you this quest the first time that you talk to her in your merchant headquarters at Crossroad Keep (#1).


For this quest, you'll need to construct a trading post in one of the towns adjacent to Crossroad Keep:
  • Highcliff (#3). You'll have to pay 100 trade bars and 5 timber.
  • Leilon (#2). You'll have to pay 300 trade bars and 5 skins.
  • Neverwinter (#6). You'll have to complete the quest The Trading Post, which will cost you 800 trade bars.
  • Phandalin (#4). You'll have to pay 200 trade bars and 5 ore.
  • Thundertree (#5). You'll have to pay 100 trade bars and 5 ore.
Once you've established the trading post, when you talk to Sa'Sani again, she'll ask you to create a trading caravan between Crossroad Keep and the outpost, and she'll tell you to speak with Caravan Master O'Dell (located just outside the merchant headquarters) to set it up. It'll probably cost you about 5000 gp to create the caravan, but caravans will supply you with a steady stream of trade bars (which you can convert to gp), and so you should create as many caravans as possible, and upgrade them as much as possible, to increase your income.

If you created any trade caravans before talking to Sa'Sani, then they won't count. But after talking with Sa'Sani, the next one you create, whether with O'Dell or not, will satisfy the quest and earn you 700 xp.

1 - Crossroad Keep

2 - Leilon

3 - Highcliff

4 - Phandalin

5 - Thundertree

6 - Neverwinter