Side Quest: Army of the Dead

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You'll receive this quest from Rynn Shepherde or Haeromos Dethwintyl in Port Llast.


Rynn or Haeromos will tell you that the undead have been attacking the town recently, and that they need to be dispatched if land trading is to be resumed. If Haeromos is the quest giver, then you'll be able to bluff him when he gives you the quest, and earn 1000 gp upfront.

You'll find the source of the undead at Gothaladreum, a graveyard located to the east of Port Llast. Without surprise, you'll have to fight lots of undead in the area, but eventually you'll come to a necromancer named Nya in a ruined chapel (#1), and you'll learn that she's the one who has been raising the dead. You'll have three ways of dealing with Nya:
  • You can talk her out of practicing necromancy. You'll have an easier time with this if Septimund is with you, because you'll learn that Septimund and Nya have a history together. If you follow this path, and if you kill the Luskans in Port Llast, then Nya will show up in Port Llast as a shopkeeper.

  • You can kill her, but she won't drop anything when she dies.

  • You can assist her by talking to Lord Adreum (#2) and encouraging him to join the attacks. Then when you return to Port Llast, you'll find the undead fighting the Luskans, and the Luskans will be hostile towards you. So don't follow this path if you want to keep the Luskans in power.

    Note: If you learned about Lord Adreum in Port Llast, then you'll be able to convince him to fight without talking to Nya first.
When you return to Port Llast to turn in the quest, you'll get a different reward depending on who's in power. If the Luskans are still around, then Rynn Shepherde will give you 1200 xp and a Seal of Illusk. If the Luskans are dead, then Haeromos Dethwintyl will give you 1500 xp and 500 gp.

1 - Ruined Chapel / Nya

Inside the chapel, you'll find a book containing four spell scrolls, and some recipe books containing five recipes (for Boots of Reflexes +3, Bracers of Armor +2, Cloak of Resistance +3, Headband of Intellect +6, and Ring of Major Sonic Resistance).

2 - Ghostly Visage

3 - Gravestones

You'll find some minor loot in the graves.

  1. World exit.