Side Quest: Fixing a Hole

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After visiting with Sa'Sani in the Viper Temple in Samarach, if you return to Akila in the Thayan Enclave in Neverwinter, and if you ask him if he's completed his research into the arcane nexuses yet, then he'll tell you that he has, and he'll give you this quest.


Akila will tell you that he's found the source of the problem -- in two places at once -- and he'll mark one of those places, a Foreign Temple in Chult, on your map. Akila will then suggest that you investigate the temple, but he'll warn you "that whatever has the power to tear the very fabric of reality will be quite a threat."

Inside the temple you'll encounter a Champion of Shade (#1). It shouldn't be very difficult to kill -- except that you won't be able to. A purple beam of light emanating from the portal on the northern side of the room (Exit B) will prevent you from dropping its health to zero. To kill the champion, you'll need to send one or two characters through the portal, which will move them to the Sword Coast side of the temple, where you'll find a Netherese arcanist (#2). When you kill the arcanist, the champion will lose its protection, and you'll be able to kill it as well.

If you exit the temple on the Sword Coast side (Exit C), then you'll end up in a part of the Sword Coast that you couldn't reach before, and you'll gain access to two locations filled with good loot. This loot includes Boots of the Mountain King, Tempertuppin's Ever-Thrower, Recipe: AC Bonus Enchantment +4, and Recipe: Weapon Enhancement Bonus +3. See the Act III Overview page for more information.

When you return to Akila in Neverwinter to tell him what you discovered, he'll reward you with 1600 xp. "I have a bad feeling, though, that our world hasn't seen the end of the Shadovar."

1 - Champion of Shade

2 - Netherese Arcanist

  1. World exit (Chult).
  2. Portal.
  3. World exit (Sword Coast).