Main Quests: Job Application and Unnerving Evidence

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Sa'Sani will give you these two quests the first time that you talk to her in Samargol.


Your first two jobs for Sa'Sani will take you back to the shipwreck at Omgar's Teeth (which you can reach by leaving Samargol and then using the overland map). When you get there, you'll need to scour the area again, and look for evidence that the Vigilant was sabotaged (for Unnerving Evidence), plus try to pick up some of Sa'Sani's lost cargo (for Job Application). You'll also need to defend yourself against batiri scavengers, velociraptors and beetles.

Unnerving Evidence

You'll find four pieces of evidence indicating that the Vigilant was sabotaged. You'll need to examine at least two of these pieces to satisfy the quest. These pieces are listed below:
  • Corpse (#2). You can recognize that the corpse was poisoned.

  • Ship's Hull (#3). You can recognize that the hull was deliberately weakened.

  • Rigging (#4). You can recognize that the rigging was cut with a knife.

  • Broken Spear (#5). You can recognize that the spear shaft was damaged before the battle with the batiri.
When you return to Sa'Sani with your findings, she'll reward you with 600 xp and 1400-2200 gp depending on how many pieces of evidence you discovered.

Job Application

You'll usually find two or three cargo boxes (#1) resting near the ship (their placement is somewhat random). Each box will provide you with 1 ore. You'll need to loot one piece of ore for the quest; the rest you can keep for yourself.

When you return to Sa'Sani after recovering some of her cargo, she'll reward you with 700 xp, and she'll introduce you to her majordomo Osi Tchaluka. Osi will explain how the trading system works, and he'll offer to give you gold for any trade bars that you turn in to him. Osi will also sell you a few recipes. Since recipes are so inexpensive, you should buy all of them that you come across.

1 - Possible Cargo Location

Supposedly, you can find cargo boxes in up to six places around the ship, but we've only seen them in the three places we've marked on the map. The placements are somewhat random, but it looks like you'll always find at least two boxes.

2 - Corpse

3 - Ship's Hull

4 - Rigging

5 - Broken Spear

6 - Cave

You won't be able to enter this cave yet. Next to the cave entrance you'll find a weapon rack containing a Zalantar Spear.

  1. World exit.