Prelude: The Vigilant

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You'll begin the campaign on board the Vigilant. Captain Lastri Kassireh (#1) will tell you that the ship has recently had some bad luck, and that some pages were torn out of the passenger manifest (#3). She'll then ask you to sign back in, and that's how you'll be able to create additional characters (up to three more) for your party.

Note: After creating your party, be sure to level up and memorize spells.

After putting together your party, but before going belowdecks (Exit A), you should explore the ship a little. On the eastern side you'll meet Volothamp Geddarm (#2), another passenger on his way to Samarach. He'll tell you that he's had some bad luck lately, too.

Next to Volo you'll find an Adventurer's Guide. If you browse through it, then you'll learn some of the mechanics of the game, and you'll earn 2000 xp. This experience will be divided between the characters in your party, so if you want it all for your main character, then you should read the guide before creating the rest of your party.

The other passengers and crew members on board the Vigilant will also talk to you, but they won't say much. When you finally go belowdecks (Exit A), the ship will come under duress from a storm, and you'll also learn that the ship has been sabotaged. As a result, you'll end up shipwrecked on the coast of Samarach, at a place called Omgar's Teeth, and that's where the campaign will really start.

1 - Captain Lastri Kassireh

2 - Volo / Adventurer's Guide

3 - Passenger Manifest

  1. Hatch to belowdecks.